01. Bootylicious (Destiny's Child)
02. Problem (Ariana Grande)
03. Work It (Missy Elliott)
04. Genius Of Love (Tom Tom Club)
05. Fantasy (Mariah Carey)
06. Staying Alive (the Bee Gees)
07. Stayin' Alive (N-Trance)
08. Yeah (Usher ft. Ludacris)
09. Can't Feel My Face (the Weeknd)
10. Brick House (the Commodores)
11. I Like That (Houston ft. Chingy)
12. Hot In Herre (Nelly)
13. You Sexy Thang (Hot Chocolate)
14. Come Baby Come (K7)
15. Jump Around (House Of Pain)
16. Truffle Butter (Nicki Minaj)
17. Rhythm Nation (Janet Jackson)
18. Walk This Way (Run DMC)
19. Good Times (Chic)
20. Rapper's Delight (Sugarhill Gang)
21. Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson)
22. The Hills (the Weeknd)
23. Want You To Want Me (Jason Derulo)
24. It Takes 2 (Crooklyn Clan)
25. Sexyback (Justin Timberlake)
26. Billie Jean (Michael Jackson)
27. Dangerous (Kardinal Offishall)
28. Bust A Move (Young MC)
29. Blurred Lines (Robin Thicke)
30. WTF (Where They From ) (Missy Elliott)
31. Don't Stop Believing (Journey)
32. Cha Cha Slide (Mr C)
33. Fireball (Pitbull)
34. I Like To Move It (Reel II Real)
35. Old Time Rock N Roll (Bob Seger)
36. Temperature (Sean Paul)
37. Short Short Man (20 Fingers)
38. Lose Control (Missy Elliott)
39. Died In Your Arms (Cutting Crew)
40. It's Tricky (Run DMC)
41. Let's Get Ridiculous (RedFoo)
42. Blackout (the Americanos)
43. Welcome To The Jungle (Lil Jon)
44. Countdown To 2016 (Fat Man Scoop)
45. Shook Me All Night Long (ACDC)
46. Shots (LMFAO)
47. I Wanna Get Drunk (DJ Felli Fel)
48. Watch Me (Silento)
49. Baby Got Back (Sir Mix-A-Lot)
50. Anaconda (Nicki Minaj)
51. Sexy And I Know It (LMFAO)
52. Low (Flo-Rida)
53. Hey Baby (Pitbull)
54. Love Shack (the B-52's)
55. Dunkie Butt (12 Gauge)
56. Cupid Shuffle (Cupid)
57. Trap Queen (Fetty Wap)
58. How Low (Ludacris)
59. GDFR (Flo-Rida)
60. Lean Wit It Rock Wit It (DFB)
61. Rap God (Eminem)
62. What U Gon Do (Lil Jon)
63. Shoulder Lean (Young Dro)
64. Cyclone (Baby Bash)
65. Rock Yo Hips (Crime Mob)
66. Bananaz (Ray J)
67. Birthday Cake (Rihanna)
68. Hit The Quan (iHeart Memphis)
69. This Is Why I'm Hot (Mims)
70. Dirt Off Ya Shoulder (Jay-Z)
71. Break Ya Neck (Busta Rhymes)
72. ABC (Jackson 5)
73. Tipsy (J-Kwon)
74. Right Thurr (Chingy)
75. Gold Digger (Kanye West)
76. Fat Bitch (Juelz Santana)
77. Still Not A Player (Big Pun)
78. Hypnotize (Notorious BIG)
79. Cold Rock A Party (MC Lyte)
80. Your Body (Pretty Ricky)
81. Classic Man (Jidenna)
82. The Next Episode (Dr Dre)
83. Fancy (Iggy Azalea)
84. Who's That Girl (Eve)
New Year's Eve (countdown to 2016 mix)
(DJ Diamond Dog)

New Year's Eve is almost upon us and, traditionally, it is a time of celebration! It's a time to go out with friends, drink merrily and count down those last 10 seconds until the new year is official. Ringing in the new year is one of the biggest celebrations worldwide and this year will be no different. In fact, the only difference for your 2016 countdown is one long-playing mp3 from djdiamonddog.com.... New Year's Eve (countdown to 2016 Mix).

This new mix is different from any other new year's mix you've ever heard before because it is designed to play from 10:30pm-1:30am with a countdown from Fat Man Scoop at precisely midnight. So, no matter what's going on at your party, you will be rung in at midnight, officially, without having to watch the clock all night long. And the music.!! As always, you will be dancing all night long to a playlist consisting of everything! The playlist contains all edited versions before midnight and all explicit versions afterwards... when the party really gets started.

The New Year's Eve (countdown to 2016 Mix) can be streamed right here at djdiamonddog.com and you can also utilize the FREE download for your new year's eve party.


The Final Round
(Tupac vs. Biggie)

The debate has been going on for 20 years now. Who was the better hip hop artist? Tupac? Biggie? Well, even though that debate will carry on through future decades as well, The Final Round will take a different approach at defining these 2 hip hop icons. This mixtape is not geared towards placing one above the other, but to give us all a peek at how hip hop could've sounded had these 2 worked together as opposed to against one another. The Final Round takes some of the greatest hip hop tracks from both Tupac and Biggie and makes them duets. With tracks such as California Love and I Get around featuring Biggie, these tracks take on a whole different feel. The same thing goes for tracks such as Hypnotize and Big Poppa. By featuring Tupac as a friend instead of a nemesis, these tracks are clearly very different.

This will probably be my final mixtape of the 2015 year, so be sure to grab it up. You can sample it right here at djdiamonddog.com and you can also download the mixtape. With 18 tracks on board, you will be sure to get a different perspective of these 2 classic 90's emcees. Without the hate, there's no telling how many boundaries these icons would've destroyed.

Thanks for the support!! And I hope everyone enjoys this latest addition to the mixtape library!!

Pop-Hop Megamix 2015
Ludacris - Word Of Mouf
Pop-Hop Megamix 2015
(DJ Diamond Dog feat. Ludacris, Naughty By Nature, RedFoo & more)

Since it's breakthrough into the mainstream, hip hop & pop are virtually synonymous with one another, especially in 2015. Hip hop has taken the big stage in the new millenium and many of the new tracks from the popular (and new) artists cross over to the Billboard Hot 100. The Pop-Hop Megamix 2015 takes you on a journey, not only through the new songs, but through some of the biggest hip hop & pop songs of the past 25 years. In this 7 minute megamix, you will get a taste of everything from RedFoo to the Backstreet Boys.

Since this megamix was originally put together as a video mix, be sure to check out the video version of this megamix, which will only enhance the power of the tracks included.

There are alot of options with this track. First, you can take a minute and stream the mp3 mix or stream the video. If you are vibing with what you're hearing/seeing, then you have the option of downloading the mp3 audio megamix or the mp4 video mix. Both downloads are fully clean and good for any event.

What's My Name (2015 Rabid Remix)

What's My Name, originally released in the fall of 1999, is a high energy track from the then popular DMX. The raw energy, lyrics and overall sound made this the pick to be the debut single off his album And Then There Was X. What's My Name had raw and powerful production, enough to push it up to #67 on the Billboard Hot 100. The sound was original and the lyrics were about the high profile of DMX' status at the time.

What's My Name (2015 rabid remix), after almost 16 years, takes the same formula and recreates a classic for a new generation to hear. You can sample What's My Name (2015 Rabid Remix) right here at djdiamonddog.com. Then, be sure to get your free download and add it to your collection, share it, blast it and let all your friends know where you got it... djdiamonddog.com.

Stay tuned for more releases soon... including Tupac vs. Biggie (The Final Round). LONG LIVE MUSIC!!

I Can (Rabid Remix)

One of the most influential tracks in the new millenium, I Can reached out to the new age of youth and inspired them to follow their dreams. This is a very motivational track and preaches positive lyrics to a young generation. I Can is the highest charting single for Nas to date, peaking at #12 on the Billboard Hot 100. The original features a looping sample of Beethoven's Fur Elise, which can also be heard on the remix near the end.

You can jump online now and sample the rabid remix of I Can by Nas. The remix is a bit more raw (production-wise) but still has samples from the same original tracks involved. You can also download it for free and add it to your music collection. The remix, as always, is a HQ mp3 at 320kb/s so it will sound good on any sound system.

Thanks for the support. Stay tuned for the upcoming home production remix of What's My Name by DMX!!

Jayo Felony - What'cha Gonna Do (rabid remix)
DMX - ...And Then There Was X
What'cha Gonna Do (rabid remix)
(Jayo Felony feat. Method Man & DMX)

From the 1998 album by the same name, What'cha Gonna do by Jayo Felony featured some of hip hop's heavyweights of the time. DMX, Method Man, Redman, WC and Mack 10 are the artists featured throughout the original and 1998 remix. Jayo (which is an abbreviation for "Justice Against Y'all Oppressors") was the first hip hop artist from San Diego to be signed to a major label (Def Jam). Although he's only released 4 solo albums, he's been featured on a barrage of other artists' soungs through the past 2 decades.

What'cha Gonna Do (rabid remix) features a fresh new unheard beat from the dog house (DJ Diamond Dog) and goes in with hot verses from both DMX & Method Man with Jayo on the chorus. You can sample this remix here and download it here for your collection. The download features only an edited version of the song along with an instrumental as well.

There will be much more coming soon so stay tuned to djdiamonddog.com. Long Live Music!!!

Tupac - Untouchable (Rabid Hood Remix)
Tupac - Pac's Life
Untouchable (Rabid Hood Remix)
(Tupac feat. Krayzie Bone)

Released in 2006, almost 10 years after his death, the Swizz Beatz remix of Untouchable debuted at #91 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles. Although the original version featured Hussein Fatal, the Swizz Beatz remix featuring Krayzie Bone was, by far, the superior version of the track.

In his short time in the spotlight, Tupac (along with production from the legendary Dr Dre) touched the hearts & minds of millions. Untouchable (Rabid Hood Remix) features a similar beat to Dr Dre's breakthrough for Eazy-E.... Boyz -N- The Hood... and was done exclusively by yours truly. Heavy bass. Smooth production. Superior flow. All these ingredients equal a great track, which is what the rabid hood remix of Untouchable is.

So, please, take a few minutes to check out Untouchable (Rabid Hood Remix) and download it for your collection. The download link features a high quality (dirty) mp3 version along with an instrumental of equal quality. Thanks for the support and enjoy the music.

NWA - Straight Outta Compton (the megamix)
NWA - Straight Outta Compton (original album)
Straight Outta Compton (the megamix)
(NWA feat. Dr Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy-E, DJ Yella & MC Ren)

In honor of the huge success that Straight Outta Compton had on it's opening weekend, I offer the Straight Outta Compton megamix which features several of NWA & Eazy-E's biggest hits. The movie features what many of us old-school cats already knew... NWA broke down the doors with their raw & honest lyrics about the streets where they lived. The music was a voice that was parallel to the experiences by millions around the world. The struggle that Ice Cube, Dr Dre, Eazy-E & company had in Compton was commonplace in areas throughout the United States & the rest of the world. The music brought together a generation of people, regardless of race or "coastal affiliation." Although NWA reps the west coast, the message resinated with youth from the east coast and midwest as well. NWA is possibly one of the most influential groups ever to bless the stage (along with Public Enemy and Boogie Down Productions).

You like NWA?? Then please take a minute to sample the Straight Outta Compton megamix. It is completely raw & unedited lyrically (just like NWA would want it)... meaning there is no clean version. If you like it, you can download it for free right here. This is my dedication to a great group of street kids from Compton who stood up to everything that was corrupt.

3rd Bass - Derelicts of Dialect (NY Rapture Remix)
3rd Bass - Derelicts of Dialect (original LP)
Derelicts od Dialect (NY Rapture Remix)
(3rd Bass feat. LL Cool J, Jadakiss, Method Man & Biggie)

Warning: 80's flashback alert. Yes! Derelicts of Dialect (NY Rapture Remix) features a big 80's sample... Rapture. Originally performed by Blondie (from the album Autoamerican), Rapture peaked at #1 on the billboard hot 100 where it remained for 2 weeks.

Derelicts of Dialect (NY Rapture Remix) features some of NY's best hip hop artists performing over (ironically) a sample of the first track to reach #1 on the charts that incorporated rap into it. Derelicts of Dialect (NY Rapture Remix) features some of the best lyricists ever to come out of NYC along with an iconic sample that will be recognized by virtually everyone who is over 35.

Be sure to take a minute and sample the clean or dirty version of Derelicts of Dialect (NY Rapture Remix) and download it for your music library. The download link features both the clean & dirty versions along with an instrumental version.


E-40 - Rear View Mirror (rabid remix)
E-40 - Revenue Retrievin': Overtime Shift
Rear View Mirror (rabid remix)
(E-40 feat. Nas, Kia Shine, Ludacris & My Darkest Days)

If you're looking for a hip hop track that touches on several rapping styles, from the north to the south to the midwest to the west coast, along with a rock twist to it, then look no further because you've found it. Rear View Mirror was originally released by the very popular Bay area rapper E-40 (on the album Revenue Retrievin': Overtime Shift), who has been in the hip hop game for over 25 years & 22 studio albums to date. The Rear View Mirror (rabid remix) teams E-40 up with the gritty NY MC Nas, Memphis underground phenom Kia Shine, Atlanta's super MC Ludacris & Ontario, Canada's very own post-grunge band, My Darkest Days. What you get with the rabid remix is some heavy bass drums, smooth guitar riffs (from both My Darkest Days and the ever popular Linkin Park) and solid lyricism from the emcees, featuring unique styles from their respective locations in the country.

If you like the rock-rap sound, then take a minute to sample Rear View Mirror (rabid remix). If you like the sound, you can download Rear View Mirror (rabid remix) right here for free. The download link features both a clean edited version along with the explicit version. Don't sleep on this one because it will really get your rear view mirror vibratin'!

The Band Perry - Chainsaw (Rabid Extended Mix)
The Band Perry - Pioneer
Chainsaw (rabid extended mix)
(the Band Perry)

In 2014, the Band Perry released a hit song entitled Chainsaw. In 2015, djdiamonddog.com releases an extended version containing a different sound from the original. This version is a nice addition for the DJ's primarily because it has an 8 bar intro and an 8 bar outro for mixing. It also has some samples and limited party breaks to change up the feel of the original. Lining the background is a smooth kickdrum to move the subs. And probably the best feature of this track is the fact that it has absolutely no DJ drops so it is a great addition to any lineup that might feature this type of music.

You can sample Chainsaw (rabid extended mix) here and download it for free here.

ISLAND SOUNDS (a reggae/dancehall mixtape)
stream Island Sounds
download Island Sounds [clean | dirty]
similar to: Murder She Wrote vs. Angel Eyes
Chan Dizzy - Bredrin Girl
Island Sounds
(a reggae/dancehall mixtape expoerience)

Happy 4th of July to all of my people in the States!! This independence day, I am celebrating with some music from abroad... Jamaica to be exact. Today I give you Island Sounds... my first mixtape exclusively featuring reggae and dancehall style music. Island Sounds showcases some of the hottest reggae & dancehall from the present and the past. With big names like Bob Marley, Lady Saw, Sean Paul, Shaggy, Beenie Man, Mr Vegas & more... you just can't go wrong.

The reggae music featured in Island Sounds will make you want to grab a drink and head to the beach and just enjoy the sun & warm weather. Thge dancehall side of this mixtape will surely make you wanna just get up and start dancing.

So take a minute to stream Island Sounds. If you're digging the vibe, you can download either the clean version or the explicit version to bump on your ipod or cd deck. Thanks for your support & enjoy the "island sounds!"

Summer Heat 2015
Method Man - The Meth Lab
Summer Heat 2015
(this summer's hottest hip hop)

After a 1 year hiatus from the Summer Heat mixtape series, I'm back with a heavy dose of hip hop for 2015!! If you're a true lover of hip hop, then be sure to check out Summer Heat 2015. This recent installment in the popular mixtape series features some hot new tracks from the likes of Jadakiss, Method Man & Papoose along with some classics from big names such as Rakim, Mobb Deep and Redman. This edition comes back on the scene hard for the fans!! Since I'm an old school hip hop fan (not a big fan of the new stuff), Summer Heat 2015 features some of my personal favorites, both old and new. You'll also get several underground artists that are dropping solid material.

So, if you are a true hip hop fan, be sure to take a minute to sample Summer Heat 2015 and download the full high quality mixtape for play on the go with your ipod or cd player. Be aware that this mixtape is explicit only. I'm not releasing an edited version because it won't sound natural.

Without a question, there's more to come so stay tuned!! LONG LIVE MUSIC!!

DJ Diamond Dog - Rock vs. Rap (round 3)
stream Rock vs. Rap (round 3) [clean | dirty]
download Rock vs. Rap (round 3) [clean | dirty]
featuring: Pump It Up/The Wall
DJ Diamond Dog - Rock vs Rap (round 2)
Rock vs. Rap (round 3)
DJ Diamond Dog

It's been 7 years since the original mixtape, Rock vs. Rap (round 1), hit the world by storm with it's unique combination of mashups & megamixes blended together in the form of a mixtape. . Only 2 years later, the follow up, Rock vs. Rap (round 2), turned heads with more of the same ingredients. It's been 5 years since the last installment in the Rock vs.Rap mixtape series dropped online. Since then, I've had numerous requests from fans asking me when round 3 would be out.

Well, the wait is finally over! Rock vs. Rap (round 3), after 5 long years of anticipation, is now available. Not only does round 3 continue the trend of a mixtape featuring a mashup/megamix blend of multiple genres, but it goes even further with a smooth hour featuring over 140 tracks from as early as the 1960's to 2015. With classic rock, rap, old school hip hop, funk and other genres, Rock vs. Rap (round 3) is guaranteed for your listening pleasure.

Rock vs Rap (round 3) is available in both a clean format for tablet or pc (for listening in family environments) and an explicit format for tablet or pc (for parties, bars, etc). You can download Rock vs. Rap (round 3) clean version or dirty version for free right here at djdiamonddog.com. Also, even though there's an option to separate the tracks, I recommend using the full mix mp3 in any tablets, ipods or pc's. If you're burning to cd, it may be better to divide the tracks for easier searching. I hope everyone enjoys it! Stay tuned for more music!!

Joe Budden vs. Pink Floyd (Pump It Up/The Wall)
Pink Floyd - The Wall
Pump It Up/The Wall
(Joe Budden vs. Pink Floyd)

The lead single from the upcoming Rock vs. Rap (round 3) mixtape (which, by the way, is going to blow your mind) is a mashup featuring Joe Budden & Pink Floyd. This head-to-head matchup features Joe Budden's biggest hit, "Pump It Up" (from the 2003 album Joe Budden) and Pink Floyd's iconic song "Another Brick In The Wall" (from the 1979 album The Wall). Who would have ever thought they would hear these 2 totally different tracks at the same time in the same place? There's one upbeat hip hop track from Jersey fused with the classic progressive rock song recorded in London. Wow! Just... Wow!

It's free!! So take a minute and sample Pump It Up/The Wall. If you like it, which I'm sure you will, be sure to download the HQ 320kb/s mp3. It's fast. It's easy. And best of all, it's FREE!!

Be on the lookout for the upcoming 3rd installment in the Rock vs. Rap series, which will be out later this spring or early summer!!

10 Years of Mix Domination

DJ Diamond Dog - Funk/Disco Megamix
KC & the Sunshine Band - Best Of...
Funk/Disco Megamix
DJ Diamond Dog

One of the most prolific eras in music was the 1970's, which featured a variety of original music ranging from rock and country to R&B and soul to the early sounds of hip hop. There was also a wonderful genre called funk. Funk is extremely closely related to the big genre of the decade... disco, which took it's sound from funk, pop and soul. The Disco/Funk Megamix is a 9 minute megamix that brings out the best of these two popular (and very similar) genres. With songs from artists such as Rick James, KC & the Sunshine Band, the Bee Gees, Chic, Wild Cherry, Sister Sledge, Heatwave and many many more, you simply cannot go wrong with this one.

So be sure to check out the new Funk/Disco Megamix ( stream to your pc or to your mobile device/tablet) and download it to enjoy anywhere. This megamix is guaranteed to take you back with some incredible music that has stood the test of time and will still get people out on the dance floor!! DJ's... there are ZERO drops on this mix, so grab it & use it at your next venue.

Be sure to browse the site and check out all of my other mixes available!!

Village People - YMCA (rabid dance mix)
Village People - Best Of Village People
YMCA (rabid dance mix)
Village People

One of the most popular dance songs ever recorded, the YMCA was (and still is) a huge hit at many different venues. Whether at the bar, a wedding or a school dance, you can still hear this classic from the village people being played (and danced to) over 30 years after it's original recording. Originating from the 1978 album Cruisin', audiences of all ages still hit the dance floor to do the YMCA dance.

There are 2 versions of the rabid remix available. There is a version geared towards audiences of all ages ( stream here) and there is the controversial version ( stream here). The controversial version has several sexual overtones included in the final mix, making it more acceptable for adult audiences. You can download both versions for free right here at djdiamonddog.com. Also, I've included no drops whatsoever in either of these remixes, so they can be used freely by all DJ's who would like to switch up from the normal version.

Tone Loc - Wild Thing (Don't Stop Bootleg)
Michael Jackson - Off The Wall (1979 album)
Wild Thing (don't stop bootleg)
Tone Loc

It's release was more successful than almost any other rap song at the time. Tone Loc's Wild Thing (from the 1989 album Loc-ed After Dark) gained instant notoriety in the pop culture and remains a smash hit even today, some 25 years later. Take this timeless classic and mash it with a popular disco classic (Don't Stop Til You Get Enough) from the king of pop (Michael Jackson) and you've got an incredible combination that's guaranteed to move the floor. Although this one will be more appealing to the 35+ year olds, it will still be effective for people of virtually any age. DJ's, there's a drop at the very beginning and the very end, so it can be useful in your sets.

Be sure to stream Wild Thing (Don't Stop Bootleg) to your windows pc or to your mobile device/tablet. If you're diggin' the sound, then be sure to download it and add it to your home music collection. This is a great combo of the new age rap and outgoing disco/funk of the time. Don't sleep on it!!

New Year's Eve Live
Kid Ink - Main Chick (ft Chris Brown)
New Year's Eve Live
DJ Diamond Dog

Another year gone!! I will be spending my evening with my family tonight, But I haven't forgotten everyone who enjoys my mixes. So put together an 80 minute mix LIVE featuring hip hop, funk, reggae, old school & more!! This mix is completely UNEDITED so, please... don't play this one at grandma's house!! There's a ton of bangers on here along with some "get f**ked up" music and some XXX rated music at the end. Good music for the good times you'll be expecting to have this evening!!

Be sure to download this one and add it to your ipod so you can use it at the after-party. Or you can simply stream it to your pc or tablet. This is a great one to get your new year's eve poppin'!!


West vs. East (A Mashup Mixtape)
Eve - Who's That Girl (2001)
West vs East (a mashup mixtape)
(DJ Diamond Dog feat. Luniz, Eve, Craig Mack, Sir Mix-A-Lot & more)

West vs. East is an EP length mashup mixtape featuring the heavyweights from the west going head to head against the heavyweights from the east. Although not a new idea, the West vs. East mixtape features 6 high energy mashups. You can download the zip file, stream the full mixtape to your pc via flash or you can stream it to your tablet/mobile device. Here's the matchups...

1. I Got The Flava In Ya Ear (craig mack vs luniz) play download
2. Candy Thrift Shop (50 cent vs macklemore) play download
3. Who's That Girl's Next Episode (eve vs dr dre) play download
4. California Hypnotized (tupac vs biggie) play download
5. Knockin' Goodies (candyman vs ciara) play download
6. Gossip Folks Got Back (missy elliott vs sir mix-a-lot) play download

Tupac vs. Biggie - California Hypnotized
Tupac Shakur (1971-1996)
California Hypnotized
(Tupac vs. Notorious BIG)

Two of hip hop's most well known icons for over 2 decades clash in this first release from the upcoming EP length mixtape, West vs. East. California Hypnotized puts LA's biggest hip hop legend, Tupac Shakur against Brooklyn's finest, Biggie (AKA Notorious BIG). In the 90's, these 2 artists had a whole east coast and a whole west coast feuding with each other. That's just how big their names were.

California Hypnotized takes one of Tupac's biggest hits, California Love (from the Greatest Hits album), and puts it against Biggie's smash hit form the same era, Hypnotize (from the album Life after Death). Each track is a signature track from it's respective artist, so it seems logical to kick off the West vs. East mixtape than the original west/east rivals and 2 of their biggest releases.

You can stream California Hypnotized to your pc or to your tablet or mobile device. Be sure to download this latest mashup for your own home collection as well. Thanks for the support and stay tuned for the upcoming mixtape West vs. East and, in 2015, Starting A New Chapter (the mixtape).

Pop-Hop Megamix 2014
Jeremih - Don't Tell Em (feat. YG)
Pop-Hop Megamix 2014
(DJ Diamond Dog ft. Iggy Azalea, Jeremih, Drake, Kid Ink & more)

A megamix of some of the summer's biggest hits is online NOW!! The Pop-Hop Megamix 2014 features some of the most popular hip hop/pop artists from the past few years. This 5 minute mix will get up and jammin' with artists such as Chris Brown, Iggy Azalea, Kid Ink, Jeremih, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, DJ Snake & more!!

Featuring mostly songs that are considered hip hop by genre, these songs will generally fall under the pop category as well (since most of them were in the top 10 at some point) thus giving the mix the title Pop-Hop.

So be sure to sample the Pop-Hop Megamix 2014 and download it to play on your ipod, in your car or wherever else you may wanna jam some of the newer "pop-hop." Thanks for your support and be sure to like my website if you enjoy the music. Stay tuned for the upcoming mixtape... "Starting A New Chapter."

Magic vs. Rihanna - Rude Rude Boy
Magic - Rude (original)
Rude Rude Boy
(Magic vs. Rihanna)

A brand new mashup smashup!! This reggae flavored fusion features the summer of 2014's smash single, Rude, by Magic (from the album Don't Kill The Magic. The beat of original version of Rude closely resembles the 80's classic, Red Red Wine by UB40. Rude peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, where it spent 6 consecutive weeks at the top spot.

Accompanying Magic's Rude in this mashup is Rihanna's Rude Boy, from the album Rated R. Rude Boy also peaked at the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100, where it spent 5 weeks in 2010. So, the combination of 2 songs sharing over 10 consecutive weeks at the number one spot are sure to make for an incredible mashup.

So, don't sleep on this one!! Take a minute to sample Rude Rude Boy and download it for your gig, party, music collection, or wherever else you may wanna play it. DJ's!! This track has a single drop that is located at the very beginning, so please promote it at your venue.

Cheerleading Megamix 5
Grease Megamix
Cheerleading Mix 5
(DJ Diamond Dog)

In the tradition of high-energy mixes geared towards the cheerleading competitions across the country, Cheerleading Megamix 5 continues with that format. Featuring hit songs from the present, such as Miranda Lambert's Somethin' Bad, the Kongo's Come With Me Now and Lil Jon's Turn Down For What, this mix also fuses in some classics such as Chumbawamba's Tubthumping and Wild Cherry's Play That Funky Music.

At 2 minutes long with a beat break in the middle, Cheerleading Megamix 5 serves up some high energy sound for any cheerleading competition. You can download Cheerleading Mix 5 right here at djdiamonddog.com for free!!


Reason To Hate Scar Tissue
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication
Reason To Hate Scar Tissue
(DJ Felli Fel vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Reason To Hate Scar Tissue is an unorthodox mashup featuring the Red Hot Chilli Peppers' classic song.. Scar Tissue (from the album Californication) and DJ Felli Fel's summer of 2013 single, Reason To Hate. The entire mashup is geared towards the vocals from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the beat from Reason To Hate. However, there are also 3 short guest appearances on this one. All 3 artists hail from the birthplace of hip hop, New York City, and each offers a very short verse. Jay-Z, 50 Cent and the late great Notorious BIG are also featured on this one!!

Streaming is available right here at djdiamonddog.com, either on PC, iPad, iPod or other mobile device. If you enjoy the mashup, be sure to download the high quality version for free to ad to your mp3 player and to share with your friends. This mashup is the first from my upcoming mixtape Starting A New Chapter.


Yasss Bish
Nicki Minaj feat. Soulja Boy, Drake & Lil Wayne

Yasss Bish is a big hit in the hip hop community in 2014. The original features verses by Nicki Minaj & a chorus of "Yasss Bish" repeated by Atlanta based rapper Soulja Boy for 8 bars. Although the original track has a slower tempo & heavy bass sound, Yass Bish (rabid remix) is upbeat... featuring samples from Rihanna's S&M along with Michael Jackson's all-time classic Billie Jean. The remix also features a verse from Lil Wayne along with vocals from Drake as well.

You can sample the Yasss Bish (rabid remix) here at djdiamonddog.com. You can also download it for use in your ipod, computer, or dj music collection. The downloaded ZIP file includes both a clean and a dirty version. To the DJ's, it is also set up with my dj drops at the very beginning and end (not in the middle) making it much easier to play at a venue.

I hope everyone enjoys this latest addition to the Diamond Dog collection and remember...

A Boy Named Sue (2014 Dance Mix)
The Essential Johnny Cash
A Boy Named Sue (2014 dance mix)
(Johnny Cash)

A Boy Named Sue was made popular by Johnny Cash in a live performance at California's San Quentin prison in 1969. The song emerged from a poem written by Shel Silverstein. The original version appears on Cash's At San Quenton album. The original version sat atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart at #2 for 3 weeks in 1969, being held down by the Rolling Stones' Honky Tonk Women.

A Boy Named Sue (2014 dance mix) adds a little new wave technology to a classic song... a solid, pounding breakbeat percussion, classic scratching, and a mini-mix in the middle make this remix entertaining, and danceable in the new millenium. It is completely reworked from the original recording and is also unedited, although the unedited version only contains the word "bitch" a few times near the end.

So, be sure to take a minute to sample A Boy Named Sue (2014 dance mix) and download it for your ipod, ipad, zune or whatever other mp3 player you may be using. Thanks for your strong support!!

Lowville Senior Prom Mix
DJ Snake - Turn Down For What
class of 2014
(dj diamond dog)

Mixed & recorded EXCLUSIVELY for the class of 2014 seniors in Lowville, NY, this mix takes a journey throughout the 4 years of high school that these graduates experienced. Based on popular music between 2011 (freshman year) throughout 2014 (senior year), this mix features hits such as Rolling In The Deep ( Adele), Sexy & I Know It ( LMFAO), Turn Down For What ( DJ Snake & Lil Jon), Cruise ( Florida Georgia Line) and many more!! Although this mix will always be the LOWVILLE SENIOR PROM MIX, it is also a great mix for all graduation senior classes of 2014 throughout the country. Just remember, Lowville had it first... at their senior prom on June 7, 2014!!

With all the great music, this mix should be a fan favorite for Lowville along with many others this summer. So, don't hesitate to take a moment to sample the Lowville Senior Prom Mix and be sure to download this CD quality mix for your BBQ, grad party, or whatever other festivities you may be enjoying this summer!!

John Legend - All Of Me (titanium remix)
John Legend - Love In The Future
All Of Me (titanium remix)
(John Legend)

All Of Me is a song from John Legend's 2013 album Love In The Future. When combined with the hard house beat of Titanium, from David Guetta's 2011 album Nothing But The Beat, you get a whole new sound. While retaining the smooth vocals from John Legend, as well as the power ballad piano, the remix adds a new layer of sound... an exciting beat with several buildups throughout. There is also a sample from Sean Paul's Temperature at several points throughout the song. All Of Me (titanium remix) is certainly a new way to listen to a very soft and soulful song.

As always, you can download All Of Me (titanium remix) for free right here at djdiamonddog.com. Or you can stream it through your computer or mobile device. No registration necessary. Be sure to check out this new remix as well as the hundreds of other original mixes, remixes and mashups here at djdiamonddog.com.

Timbaland - Give It To Me (rabid remix)
Timbaland - Shock Value
Give It To Me (more than a feeling remix)
(Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake)

Originally released in 2007 on Timbaland's second studio album, Shock Value, Give It To Me reached the top spot in several countries, including the US, UK and Denmark. It features verses by Timbaland, Canadian singer Nelly Furtado and American singer Justin Timberlake. Give It To Me (more than a feeling remix) features heavy samples from the rock group Boston's More Than A Feeling, from the 1976 smash album, Boston. This remix takes those samples and combines them with the vocals from the original, along with a deep, heavy bassline and a new drum pattern.

Give It To Me (more than a feeling remix) may not be aimed at the club audience, but it certainly will satisfy the appetite for alternative and experimental DJ sounds. It also goes great with a good set of subs. You can sample Give It To Me (more than a feeling remix) and download it for free. The download link includes a clean, dirty, and instrumental version for all your needs. There is also a remixed music video for this song as well.

Thanks for supporting my music and mixes. Stay tuned!! There's much more to come this summer!! LONG LIVE MUSIC!!

Another 1 Jumps Around (Queen vs House of Pain)
House of Pain - Fine Malt Lyrics
Another One Jumps Around
(Queen vs. House of Pain)

You are about to enter a realm of pure insanity. When you listen to Another One Jumps Around, you will not be able to help yourself. You WILL get pumped up. You WILL jump around. You WILL dance. This purely adrenalized mashup features two timeless classics... Another One Bites The Dust (originally performed by Queen & Freddy Mercury) and Jump Around (originally performed by House Of Pain & Everlast). When combined, these 2 tracks take on a whole new original style. There is also a video for this mashup which can be streamed by clicking here.

You can stream Another 1 Jumps Around directly or you can download it to your computer for free. The download also features a clean version, an explicit version and the mp4 video.

Thanks for supporting these mixes & if it's your first time at djdiamonddog.com, feel free to browse the site. All downloads are completely free and available with no signup or registration.

Katy Perry - Dark Horse (rabid bootleg)
Katy Perry - Prism
Dark Horse (rabid bootleg)
(Katy Perry feat. Pitbull, Flo-Rida & Juicy J)

Dark Horse is a chart topping success from Katy Perry's 4th studio album, Prism. It reached number one in several countries including the United States and also topped the Billboard Hot 100 as well as the Pop chart, tying Perry with Rihanna for the most number one singles. Dark Horse combines trap & hip hop with a touch of dubstep in it's production.

The Dark Horse (rabid bootleg) retains all the original elements of production while adding verses from two chart topping artists... Flo-Rida & Pitbull... as well as keeping most of the original rap verse by Juicy J. For the DJ's: the Dark Horse (rabid bootleg) has an 8 bar intro and outro and has tags ONLY at the extreme beginning and extreme end, making it useful to mix in the club!!

As always, you can sample and download Dark Horse (rabid bootleg) right here at djdiamonddog.com. Be sure to share my mixes with your friends and add me on Twitter, Facebook, & Google plus!

Rick Ross - Hustlin' (electromix)
Rick Ross - Hustlin' (original version)
Hustlin' (electromix)
(Rick Ross)

In the summer of 2006, the hip hop world got a huge hit from newcomer to scene, Rick Ross. Hustlin' was the first single from the new Miami-based rapper and was a prelude to his debut album, Port Of Miami. The track identifies with the cocaine distribution ring and became an instant classic upon it's release.

In the spring of 2014, nearly 8 years later, an electro version of this hip hop classic goes online at djdiamonddog.com. The "electromix" features a hard dance beat from the current hit Selfie backing up the original lyrics from Rick Ross along with some altered vocal effects to give it more dance appeal as opposed to it's original "gangsta" aura.

As always, everything is free!! So sample Hustlin' (electromix) and download it for your music collection. The download link also features an acapella and an instrumental with chorus. For all my DJ's, the tags are there, but only at the very beginning and very end, so you can use this at your venues without hearing dj drops all over it.

Blurred Fox (Ylvis vs. Robin Thicke)
Ylvis - The Fox (What Does The Fox Say)
Blurred Fox
(Ylvis vs. Robin Thicke)

Gaining it's popularity through YouTube, The Fox (by Norweigan comedy duo Ylvis) was the top trending video of 2013, receiving over 360 million views between September 2013 and February 2014. Combined with the 2013 smash hit Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke (from the album Blurred Lines), Blurred Fox is a good dance alternate for either original track. The beat is from Lil Jon's Work and is a great background to this mashup.

You can stream Blurred Fox for free as well as download it for free. The download link also contains a clean version, unedited version, instrumental and acapella. So take a minute to check out Blurred Fox here at djdiamonddog.com and be sure to share the website with your friends and family. Help spread the word of free mixes!!


Animal Selfie (M. Garrix vs. the Chainsmokers)
the Chainsmokers - Selfie
Animal Selfie
(Martin Garrix vs. the Chainsmokers)

Two of the hottest songs out right now... on a collision course... and there's no stopping the insane fallout from this mashup. Fresh out (under a month) comes the smash hit by the popular remix group, the Chainsmokers, entitled Selfie and features a very annoying girl.. one of whom many of us have probably had the pleasure of knowing at one time or another in our lives. This track features a boomin' EDM beat guaranteed to fire up the floor.

... And in this corner, the 17 year old phenom... Martin Garrix, and the electro-house hit Animals, which reigned in the top 10 in more than 10 countries worldwide, reaching #1 in at least 9 of them. Garrix is also the youngest DJ ever to reach #1 on beatport.

With these 2 tracks coming together is such bold fasion, there's no stopping the dance crowd. High energy and bangin' beats will not only load up the floor, but keep it loaded. So be sure to take a minute to sample Animal Selfie and download it for your music collection. And don't be bashful, stop by and drop some comments at my official Facebook page.


Linkin Park - One Step Closer (2014 Hip Hop Mix)
Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory
One Step Closer (Hip Hop Mix)
Linkin Park feat. Fred Durst & Gorilla Zoe

One Step Closer (hip hop mix) is a remix to this classic Linkin Park song, One Step Closer, from the platinum selling album Hybrid Theory. This hip hop remix features a solid beat from Puff Daddy's Victory (from the 1997 album No Way Out) and verses from both Gorilla Zoe & Fred Durst. This hip hop mix goes hard, with a slight mashup feel to it, and (of course) features the dynamic & unique vocals from Chester Bennington.

One Step Closer (hip hop mix) is a great remix for almost any occasion, so make sure you sample it and download it for your music collection. Thanks for your support.


DJ Diamond Dog - Feeling Good (RaBiD BoOtLeG)
Flo-Rida - Wild Ones
Feeling Good (RaBiD BoOtLeG)
DJ Diamond Dog
(feat. Christina Aguilera, Etta James, Ludacris, LMFAO, Pitbull,
Ying Yang Twins, Avicii & Chris Brown)

Feeling Good is a smooth bootleg featuring the sounds from Flo-Rida's Good Feeling & Avicii's Wake Me Up, both of which feature the identical "good feeling" chorus which originated from Etta James' classic gospel track Something's Got A Hold On Me. The Feeling Good (RaBiD BoOtLeG) features the same chorus performed by both Christina Aguilera & Etta James. This bootleg also features verses from Chris Brown, LMFAO, Pitbull, Ludacris & the Ying Yang Twins. The music is a high energy fusion of high energy EDM and urban dance, sprinkled with several rap verses & great singing from Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera & Etta James.

This is a great addition to any high energy set, whether it be of the upbeat urban style or an EDM sound. There is also an extended version available which features an 8 bar intro & 8 bar outro along with no DJ tags... ideal for the DJ's. You can sample Feeling Good and download it here at djdiamonddog.com for free. Thanks for the support!!

Don't Wake Me Up (Chris Brown vs. Avicci)
Avicci - Wake Me Up
Don't Wake Me Up
(Chris Brown vs Avicii)

A high energy dance sound is what you get when you play Don't Wake Me up... a fusion of Chris Brown's 2012 single, Don't Wake Me Up, from the album Fortune and Avicii's smash hit in 2013, Wake Me Up, from the album True. Both songs contain a high energy sound which is multiplied when they are fused together. Chris Brown's original Don't Wake Me Up was produced bt DJ extrordinare... David Guetta, while Wake Me Up was produced by Avicii. Don't Wake Me Up can be used as an alternate version to either song and is sure to get any high energy EDM fans dancing!!

You can sample Don't Wake Me Up for free right here at djdiamonddog.com. You can also access the free download. No waiting. No 3rd party websites. Just click and download. Isn't that what we all want online?? Just a simple one or 2 clicks for access to a free download with no waiting? Please be sure to share djdiamonddog.com on your facebook, Twitter or any other social media pages you may have... and help spread the free mixes to everyone!!

Lorde - Royals (Rabid Mix)
Lorde - Pure Heroine
Royals (rabid mix)
(Lorde feat. Juicy J, TI & the FSU AcaBelles)

At only 16 years old, New Zealand singer/songwriter Lorde released one of the biggest hits of 2013... Royals, which peaked at number one on the charts. Royals (rabid mix) is a great alternate version of this hit and offers 2 great verses from hip hop icons Juicy J & T.I. There is also backup singing from the Florida State University AcaBelles. This mix features the original beat with an 8 bar intro and outro as well as a sample break in the middle featuring a sample from Dem Franchize Boyz... Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It.

This is a great alternate version to play at any venue or a party. For my DJ's, you can sample & download the drop free version on my extended mixes player. So be sure to sample Royals (rabid mix feat. Juicy J, TI & the FSU AcaBelles) and download it for your music collection.

Be sure to share djdiamonddog.com with all your friends and family and help spread the gift of FREE MIXES to everyone!!! Thanks for the support!!

Christmas Megamix (mixed by Diamond Dog)
Merry Christmas Everyone!!
Christmas Megamix
(feat Mariah Carey, Frank Sinatra, Burl Ives & many more!!)


I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas along with a safe & joyous New Year!! My gift to everyone who supports the mixes at djdiamonddog.com is my Christmas Megamix... just in time for everyone to play on Christmas Day!! This is a 9 minute megamix geared for your dancing pleasure. There are a number of classic Christmas songs featured, from Frank Sinatra & Burl Ives to Mariah Carey & Bruce Springsteen. All Christmas music. All put together to for your Christmas morning (& more)!!

So take a moment to sample the Christmas Megamix & download it for your Christmas morning traditions. I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Enjoy the music and, please, be safe!! Thank you for the support!! Stay tuned for more mixes in 2014!!

New York's Finest - New York (pt 2)
Limp Bizkit - Chocolate Starfish and...
New York (part 2)
(feat. Diddy, Jay-Z, Red, Meth, Mims, 50, Ja Rule, DMX, Nas, Jadakiss, Busta, Biggie & Frank Sinatra)

The cast of characters is immense in this extended track... New York (part 2)... which takes over where New York (Da Anthem) left off back in 2007. Some of the biggest names in music hail from hip hop's birthplace, New York City. New York (part 2) showcases artists such as Jay-Z, Jadakiss, Nas and many more (along with the late great Frank Sinatra, who's song New York New York is sampled in various places throughout this track). New York (pt 2) is bass heavy with a familiar sample from Nine Inch Nails (who, actually, hail from Cleveland, Ohio... not New York). That sample comes from Closer, which is available on the 1994 album The Downward Spiral. New York (part 2) will take you on a full length journey & showcase several different styles from the various burroughs, yet all from the Big Apple.... New York City.

So take a few minutes to just kick back and sample New York (part 2). Then, be sure to download it for your phone, ipod, or stereo. Thanks for your support. And I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season!!

Snap La Fingers (Snap Yo Fingers vs La Grange)
ZZ Top - Tres Hombres (1973)
Snap La Fingers (Snap Yo Fingers vs La Grange)
Lil Jon vs ZZ Top

What do you get when you fuse together some blues rock with some dirty southern crunk?? Why, you get Snap La Fingers, that's what!! Snap La Fingers is a combination of Snap Yo Fingers by Lil Jon (from the album Crunk Rock) and La Grange by ZZ Top (from the 1973 album Tres Hombres). This mashup also features some vocals from Andre 3000 (from the song Hey Ya off the 2003 album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below). The sample is completely from La Grange, but with alot of added percussion. The vocals are a combination of ZZ Top, Sean Paul, E-40 and Andre 3000. Snap La Fingers takes the slow tempo Snap Yo Fingers & gives it an extremely upbeat sound.

Be sure to take a minute to sample Snap La Fingers and download it for your music library. It's all free, so enjoy it!! Your support is very much appreciated, so please share my site with all your friends & family.


Let's get It On (Hip Hop Mix feat Biggie)
Notorious BIG - Greatest Hits
Let's Get It On (Hip Hop Mix)
Marvin Gaye feat. Notorious BIG

What do you get when you combine 2 classics? Yet ANOTHER classic!! Yes... a classic R&B/soul track ( Let's Get It On by Marvin Gaye) and a classic hip hop track ( One More Chance by Notorious BIG) make for one HELLUVA great remix!! Let's Get It On (Hip Hop mix) features the smooth vocals from the late, great Marvin Gaye combined with a gritty verse by the Notorious BIG, often regarded as one of hip hop's greatest artists ever. The beat is a sample from the 1983 DeBarge song Stay With Me from the album In A Special Way (which is also the sample used on the One More Chance single).

This remix is sure to be an instant classic for almost any venue. There is also an instrumental as well as an acapella included with the download package. So take a minute to sample Let's Get It On (Hip Hop Mix) and download it for your music collection. Thanks for your continued support. And stay tuned... there's a New York track as well as a La Grange mashup coming very soon!!!

DJ Diamond Dog - South Florida Throwbacks
Planet Patrol - Play At Your Own Risk
South Florida Throwbacks
(mixed by DJ Diamond Dog)

If you were anywhere in South Florida in the 80's, from Homestead to Hialeah, you will probably enter a deep state of nostalgia when listening to this mixtape. There is everything from Freestyle & Cybotron to the 2 Live Crew & the Get Funky Crew. Heavily mixed throughout it's one hour length, South Florida Throwbacks will bring back memories for everyone, but especially the south Florida native, from the days of South Beach, Coconut Grove & Bayside. You will also hear some classic Florida artists such as LeJuan Love, MC Cool Rock & MC Chaszy Chess, Clay D & Young & Restless... as well as nationally knowns such as Debbie Deb, Trinere, Def Leppard & Sir Mix-A-Lot. South Florida Throwbacks is divided into 12 (nearly) equal parts containing genres such as electro, freestyle, Miami bass & a touch of rock and can easily be burned to cd or added to an ipod.

So take a minute to sample South Florida Throwbacks and download it for your cd, ipod or computer. Thanks for your support.

I Wanna Faint Firestarter (Various Artists)
Prodigy - Firestarter (original)
I Wanna Faint Firestarter
(Linkin Park vs. Prodigy vs. Uncle Luke)

A trilogy of hits are included in the latest mashup at djdiamonddog.com. It includes Firestarter from the platinum selling British band the Prodigy, Faint from Linkin Park's album Meteora and the Miami-based I Wanna Rock from Uncle Luke's album I Got Shit On My Mind. This mashup... I Wanna Faint Firestarter... successfully fuses these three songs which span across a decade of years as well as 3 different genres. Each song was a hit in it's own genre during it's given release time (Firestarter... 1996, I Wanna Rock...1992, and Faint... 2003). The fusion of these 3 hits forms a unique dance-based mashup complete with high energy for the crowd.

So, please, take a few minutes to sample I Wanna Faint Firestarter and then download it (FREE) for your ipod, cd or pc music collection.

Thanks for your support of djdiamonddog.com. Stay tuned for more mixes & mashups!!

The Kingsmen - Louie Louie (D-Dog's Dance Mix)
The Kingsmen - Louie Louie
Louie Louie (Diamond Dog's Dance Mix)
(the Kingsmen)

The year is 1963. The Kingsmen go into the studio in Portland, Oregon and record their rendition of Louie Louie (originally recorded by Richard Berry in 1955) in just one take. The song has been covered many times over the years by artists such as the Kingsmen, Rockin' Robin Roberts, Paul Revere & the Raiders, Motorhead and more. So now, in 2013, there is another version of this classic added to the collection. Louie Louie (Diamond Dog's Dance Mix) is officially online as the most recent version of this classic and features the vocals by the band who made the song a huge success... the Kingsmen. This dance mix features deep, heavy basslines, strong percussion, high energy, some notable melodies and samples from, not only this classic, but a couple of others as well.

So, please, take a few moments to sample Louie Louie (Diamond Dog's Dance Mix) and feel free to download it for your home entertainment needs (ipod, cd or computer). This remix is a great alternate version for the mixed crowds at any gig. And for the DJ's, there is only one tag and it's at the beginning, so you can freely play this at any venue you might like.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and enjoy the mixes here at djdiamonddog.com.

Wildin' (the megamix)
Katy Perry - California Gurls
Wildin' (the megamix)
(DJ Diamond Dog feat. Katy Perry, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Prince & many more)

It's been awhile since I've put together a multi-dimensional megamix that touches on nearly all genres in a very short time while retaining a dance feel throughout. Well, I decided it's about time to drop one, and here it is.... Wildin' (the megamix). This megamix covers a span of about 50 years (mostly 80's & newer) over a 5 minute run time & features some pop icons such as Michael Jackson, Vanilla Ice, Katy Perry, The Ohio Players, Sly & the Family Stone & the Police just to name a few. The beat is solid & will keep you groovin' throughout it's entirety. Also, as a bonus to everyone for your support, this megamix is being offered free of any drops or tags. Just share my website with your friends.

So take a minute to sample Wildin' (the megamix) and download it to add to your ipod to take along to the gym, work, or just a car ride. As always, Wildin' (the megamix) is completely free to download & is cd quality. Thanks for taking the time to visit djdiamonddog.com.

The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up (D-Dog Re-Edit)
The Prodigy - Fat Of The Land
Smack My Bitch Up (Diamond Dog Re-Edit)
(the Prodigy)

Completely re-edited from the ground up, Smack My Bitch Up (Diamond Dog Re-Edit) uses absolutely nothing from the original track. Although the re-edit sounds very close in sound to the original, each piece was added individually... from the bassline to the vocals to the kickdrum. The original, as well as the re-edit, contains numerous samples from artists such as Kool & the Gang, Randy Weston & the Ultramagnetic MC's. The original version of Smack My Bitch Up can be found on the Prodigy's 1997 smash album Fat Of The Land. The original video is extremely controversial and was banned from many TV stations. Due to the controversial material in the video, Wal Mart & K-Mart stopped the sales of Fat of the Land.

The re-edit features a revised bassline and also a revised acid sound to the main chorus. This is my first attempt to improve my producing so I tried to keep it familiar with subtle changes. Be sure to sample the re-edit of Smack My Bitch Up and download it for free.

Eminem - The Real Slim Shady (Macarena Mix)
Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP
The Real Slim Shady (Macarena Mix)

Possibly one of the most comical songs from one of the most controversial artists of the 2000's.... The Real Slim Shady (Macarena Mix) is a remix to the 2000 classic from Eminem... The Real Slim Shady (from the album The Marshall Mathers LP. In his earlier career, Eminem's music was humorous, touchy, and pushed the envelope. This song was no exception to that recipe which gained him national stardom with the help of Dr Dre. Laced with a new beat and a sample from the smash hit by Los Del Rio, Macarena, The Real Slim Shady (Macarena Mix) is no disappointment to those searching for an alternate version to this song. Complete with NO TAGS (that's right... NO tags), The Real Slim Shady (Macarena Mix) comes complete with a main (edited) version, an instrumental and a full single download.

So take a minute to sample The Real Slim Shady (Macarena Mix), download it and stop by my Facebook or Twitter pages and shoot me some feedback on it. Your support is genuinely respected and appreciated since 2005!!

Diamond Dog - Move! (Bring It Back)
DJ Khaled - Welcome To My Hood (remix)
Move!! (Bring It Back)
(Diamond Dog feat. Ludacris, 50 Cent, Sean Paul & more)

For several months, off & on, I've been working on this track... trying to get the right combination of sounds on it. Well, the final production is finished & online now!! Move! (Bring It Back) features some of hip hop's biggest names. With artists such as Ludacris, 50 Cent, Will Smith, Sean Paul, Young Buck & Bounty Killer on board, it's sure to be HOTT!! There are also 3 samples from some songs everyone is sure to remember. The main sample is from Warren Zevon's Werewolves of London (also heard on Kid Rock's All Summer Long). There is a small sample from No Doubt's Hey Baby as well as one from Only Wanna Be With You, performed by Hootie & the Blowfish. Geared towards dancing & partying, Move! (Bring It Back) will, undoubtedly, go well with almost any crowd.

This new track comes as a full single, featuring a DJ friendly version, instrumental, acapella and more. You can download the full single or just sample all of the versions here at djdiamonddog.com. Thanks for your support and be sure to drop any comments or feedback at my Facebook or Twitter pages.

Sittin' SidewayZzZ Freestyle
Paul Wall - Sittin' Sidewayz
Sittin SidewayZzZ Freestyle
(Paul Wall feat Al-Fatir, Lupe Fiasco & Fabolous)

Sittin' Sideways, the original song by Paul Wall, from the album The People's Champ, brings a new flava in the Sittin SidewayZzZ Freestyle. Although the beat is completely unchanged, the remix features verses from Al-Fatir, Lupe Fiasco & Fabolous. It's a great alternate version of a great song from 2005. You can stream Sittin SidewayZzZ Freestyle here at djdiamonddog.com and also download it for free.

Thanks for your support of djdiamonddog.com. Be sure to follow me on Twitter, Like Me on Facebook and add me on Google Plus!!

T.I. - What U Know (b/w) Tom Ford
Summer Heat 2013 full intro
What U Know/Tom Ford

A simple blend consisting of the vocals from What You know by T.I. (from the album King) over the hard beat of Tom Ford (from Jay-Z's latest album Magna Carta... Holy Grail). The beat goes really hard and T.I.'s verse really rides this beat good. Yet another blend that is guaranteed to get your speakers working overtime!! Be sure to sample & download this one!!
Summer Heat '13 Intro

Taken from the mixtape Summer Heat 2013, this is the intro with a little bit added on to it... as well as an instrumental/ dub version. The sample is taken from Led Zeppelin's Kashmir (from the album Physical Grafitti), also used on Diddy's Come With Me. This track has great bass & will sound good in any decent sound system. You can sample & download this intro for free here!!

Thanks for your support of djdiamonddog.com

Elephant Man - Reggae Party (feat DMX)
Elephant Man
Reggae Party
Elephant Man feat. DMX

Reggae fused with hip hop.... that's what Reggae Party is all about. By taking the beat from the ever-classic Party Up by DMX (from the album ...And Then There Was X) and fusing it with one of Elephant Man's most popular tracks, Pon Di River, Pon Di Bank (from the album Good To Go), you get an incredible sound that's sure to set off the party, club, bar, BBQ or wherever you may be. Reggae Party is available with a version consisting of strictly Elephant Man, a version featuring verses from DMX and Elephant Man, an instrumental & an acapella. Hopefully the different versions will come in useful for any DJ's who may be using the track to mix with. This is a great summer track for anyone who likes to enjoy the warm weather & beaches.

So be sure to sample Reggae Party and get your free download of all 4 versions here at djdiamonddog.com. If you enjoyed Reggae Party, please take a minute to sample my other mixes... they are all free. No registration. No waiting. No download limits. All I ask is that you share the website & social network pages with your friends & help me get my mixes out. Thanks for your support of djdiamonddog.com.

Pour Some Sugar On Me (the Mashups)
Def Leppard
Pour Some Sugar On Me (the Mashups)
(Def Leppard)

A true classic in the era of hard rock, Def Leppard forged their success throughout the 80's and early 90's with hits such as Hysteria, Rock Of Ages and possibly their biggest hit... Pour Some Sugar On Me. These mashups take the classic vocals of Pour Some Sugar On Me & fuse them with several very popular hip hop beats (such as Snap Yo Fingers, E.I, In Da Club & more). The result: a more urban/club sound for a great band and a great song. There is also a bass remix added in for more originality.

So check out the Pour Some Sugar On Me mashups and feel free to download them all at once or each one individually. You can choose from the Bass Mix, Snap Mix, Crunk Mix, Dipset Mix, Midwest Mix & In Da Club Mix.

Thanks for your support of djdiamonddog.com. More mixes soon to come!!

Shuffler's Anthem
(A Collection of the Greatest Skate Jamz Ever)

If you are or ever have been someone who loves to go roller skating at a roller rink, then the Shuffler's Anthem will be right up your alley!! Inspired by my own personal days both DJ'ing and skating at Sunshine Skateway (Homestead, FL) and Hot Wheels (Kendall, FL), the Shuffler's Anthem brings out some of the best skating (or shuffling as we used to call it back in the day) music ever!! Featuring tracks from the 1970's straight through 2013, this mix will make you wanna throw on a pair of quads or roller blades and hit the floor. Once you listen, you will hear songs such as PYT, Together Forever, Get Ready, Hooked On Your Love, Good Feeling, IOU, Love Rollercoaster and over 80 more!!

Because of the huge number of different tracks on this mixtape, it is divided up by 5 minute sections instead of by songs... allowing for the full flow of the mix to be heard and felt throughout the duration!! So if you wanna feel the full effect of great skating music, then make sure you sample and download the Shuffler's Anthem!! Free for anyone and everyone who wants it, this one will stir up memories & nostalgia for those of you who were skating in the 70's and 80's!!

There is also the Shuffler's Anthem (Encore Mix) included in the stream, but you have to download it seperately here or you can stream it via mobile device.

Summer Heat 2013
sample Summer Heat 2013 ( flash | mobile)
download Summer Heat 2013
similar to: Summer Heat 2012
Eve She Bad Bad (from the album Lip Lock)
Summer Heat 2013
(The Summer's Hottest Hip Hop)

FINALLY!! The official release of Summer Heat 2013 is here! And it comes complete with some of the hottest hip hop tracks for this summer. Summer Heat 2013 is equipped with some of the hottest artists out right now, such as Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (Thrift Shop), Lil Wayne (Trippy Kid) & Eve (She bad Bad) as well as some great underground artists such as King Los (Fear), Kid Ink (Gassed Up) & more!! You can also catch a flashback jam from Mobb Deep... Shook Ones (pt II). As always, the full mixtape is packed with non-stop hip hop, great samples and flows straight from beginning to end and encoded at a high quality 192 kb/sec. The intro features ground-pounding bass and a classic sample from Led Zeppelin (Kashmir) along with a representation of the 3-1-5... Watertown, NY. Feel free to sample the entire mixtape online and download it for your computer, ipod or cd player.

Thanks for your support of djdiamonddog.com!! I hope to continue to supply you with great mixes & mashups for many more years to come!!

Notorious BIG (aka Biggie Smallz)
The Struggle (feat. Tupac, Biggie & Wu-Tang)
The Struggle
(Hall Of Famers feat. Tupac, Biggie & the Wu-Tang Clan)

The Hall of Famers is a star-studded lineup of rappers who are all dedicated to a common cause... sharing the seriousness of the hardships in the inner city. The lineup consists of east coast icon Notorious BIG, Staten Island's infamous Wu-Tang Clan & the west coast king Tupac Shakur. The Struggle is a blend of lyrics from these 3 icons over a classic beat from Mobb Deep... Shook Ones (pt II). The lyrics from The Struggle are devoted to the hardships, pain and temptations associated with growing up in the ghettos around the U.S. Anyone who has lived it will appreciate where The Struggle is coming from.

This is REAL HIP HOP with a classic beat and pure lyrics with something to say, so be sure to sample The Struggle and download it for your ipod, cd or tablet. Stay tuned to djdiamonddog.com for Summer Heat 2013, where you will also find The Struggle featured. Thanks for the support.

Eazy-E - Luv 4 Dem Gangsta'z (Throwback Mix)
Eazy-E - Eazy Duz It
Luv 4 Dem Gangsta'z (Throwback Mix)

An icon in the hip hop world, Eazy-E (9/7/63 - 3/26/95) is often affectionately referred to as the Godfather of Gangsta Rap. With many songs to his credit... such as Boyz-N-Tha Hood, Eazy Duz It & We Want Eazy, Luv 4 Dem Gangsta'z was originally released in 1994 & can be found on the album Starring...Eazy E. The throwback mix of Love 4 Dem Gangsta'z features a sample from Wendy Rene's 1964 single After Laughter Comes Tears. This is a rather mellow mix from a great LA gangsta sound.

Be sure to sample & download Luv 4 Dem Gangsta'z (Throwback Mix) right here at djdiamonddog.com. You can also follow me on Twitter or like my official Facebook page. Thanks for your support everyone.

Swing My Way (Rabid Electro/Dance Mix)
KP & Envyi
Swing My Way (Rabid Dance/Electro Mix)
(KP & Envyi feat. Lil Wayne)

Kp & Envyi was a female Hip Hop and R&B duo consisting of Khia Philips (K.P.) and Susan Hedgepeth (Envyi). They are best known for their 1998 hit single, "Swing My Way" released on February 3, 1998, which peaked at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100, and at #14 on the UK Singles Chart.

The Rabid Mix of Swing My Way has an electo/dance sound to it & also adds a verse from the always interesting Lil Wayne. This track is very upbeat & has a nice "alternate" sound to it. With samples from Planet Soul's Set U Free & Jocelyn Enriquez's Do You Miss Me, Swing My Way (Rabid Dance/Electro Mix) is sure to get you sweating. So be sure to sample & download this latest remix. And thank you for your support of djdiamonddog.com.

Coming soon... the Shuffler's Anthem, which is a mix dedicated to the real roller skaters (shufflers) from South Florida back in the late 80's.

High School Daze ('85-'89)
View Billboard Top 100's for various years
Hi-School Daze ('85-'89)
Diamond Dog

In memory of my (long lost) high school days, and inspired by my friend Carri, I give you Hi-School Daze featuring many of the top songs from my high school era, which was 1985-1989 (I know, I know.... I'm old) in the Homestead, FL area. This mix offers short snippets of songs brought together in the mix to create a nostalgic feeling for those of you that remember that time. Hi-School Daze will bring back memories for listeners ranging in age from the late 30's to early 40's and features some classics such as Fine Young Cannibals ( She Drives Me Crazy), Young MC ( Bust A Move), Bon Jovi ( Livin On A Prayer), Whitney Houston ( How Will I Know) and many more from that era.

When you listen to this mix, you are guaranteed to be brought back to a time long ago where the music was so much different than it is today. Milli Vanilli, Madonna & Paula Abdul are just a few names that round this mix out from start to finish. So be sure to check out Hi-School Daze and download it for your listening pleasure & to share with your friends.

Superbowl Shake (Pitbull vs the Jacksons)
Jacksons - Shake Your Body (Down 2 The Ground)
Superbowl Shake
(Pitbull vs the Jacksons)

In honor of the big day... Superbowl Sunday... which is basically a holiday at my house, I bring you Superbowl Shake, which has absolutely NOTHING to do with the Superbowl, but is named this way because I am bringing it to you on... that's right.. Superbowl Sunday. This one is a mashup combining the old... the Jacksons - Shake Your Body Down (To The Ground) (from their 1978 album Destiny) with the new(er)... Pitbull - Shake (from the Ying Yang Twins' 2005 album United State Of Atlanta). This is a great mashup for both old & young & will be great to help get the party started both before the 49ers & Ravens face off and after it's all said & done.

Be sure to sample Superbowl Shake and download it for your cd and/or ipod... it's all free! I hope everyone enjoys this new mashup and I also hope everyone enjoys the big game. Who you pullin' for? My team's Green Bay so I'm just watching for the enjoyment this year. Thanks for your support!

Somebody That Used To Know You Want Me
Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know
Somebody That Used To Know You Want Me
(Pitbull vs Gotye)

This mashup fuses the smash hit from Gotye, Somebody That I Used To Know (originally released in Australia in July 2011 and in January 2012 in the US) with another smash hit from latin pop icon Pitbull, I know You Want Me (Calle Ocho). The completely opposite sounds of these 2 tracks are what make them so compatible. Somebody That I Used To Know is a mid-tempo ballad style pop track while Calle Ocho is more of a dance/party track. Once they are together, the sound is undeniable. Mixed in with a few sound effects & samples, Somebody that Used To Know You Want Me takes on a life of it's own and has a great dance sound to it. Original versions are available on Gotye's 2011 album Making Mirrors and Pitbull's 2009 album Rebelution.

You can sample Somebody That Used To Know You Want Me and download it for free at djdiamonddog.com. So, please, share the links with your friends so everyone can enjoy the free mixes available!!

Petey Pablo - Still Writing In My Diary
Petey Pablo - Freak-A-Leek (Rabid Remix)
Freak-A-Leek (Rabid Remix)
(Petey Pablo feat. Missy Elliott & David Banner)

One of Petey Pablo's most successful tracks, the original version of Freak-A-Leek can be heard on his 2004 album Still Writing in My Diary: 2nd Entry. The Rabid Remix of Freak-A-Leek features a well known sample from Stevie Wonder... Superstition (from his 1972 album Talking Book) along with support verses from Missy Elliott and David Banner. Just like the original track, Freak-A-Leek (Rabid Remix) is downright dirty and nasty with it's lyrics. This is certainly NOT a track to be played at a school dance, but should work very well at a club or bar. For the DJ's, I've included both an instrumental and an acapella for this remix, so you can work your magic at your venues (no tags in the middle of the song).

So feel free to jump on board and grab your FREE copy of my Freak-A-Leek (Rabid Remix) and please share it with your friends or the DJ at your favorite bar or club. Spread the word on your facebook & twitter pages & help djdiamonddog.com continue to grow. Thanks for your support everyone!!

Madonna - Ray Of Light (Good Feeling Remix)
Pop icon Madonna
Ray Of Light (Good Feeling Remix)
(Madonna feat. Chris Brown)

A true classic from Madonna, Ray of Light hit the stores in May 1998 and emerged from the album of the same name... Ray Of Light. The original track incorporates many musical elements, such as rock & dance as it's lyrics promote the theme of freedom. Since it was (& is) such a great song, I decided to add the lyrics to a more modern beat ( Flo-Rida's Good Feeling) and also incorporated a party verse from Chris Brown. There are also several samples included with the remix, making it even more "club friendly". So, if you're a Madonna fan (or even if you're not), be sure to check out this remix, download it for your ipod or mp3 player & watch the remix video.

I hope everyone enjoys the Ray Of Light (Good Feeling Remix) and be sure to check out all my other mixes. Everything I put online is free to download.... no ads, no spam, no registration... just pure DJ Diamond Dog mixes for you to enjoy. Thanks for your support of djdiamonddog.com, and please share my web link with all your friends.

Niggaz In Paris (feat. Kanye West, TI & Mysonne)
Niggaz In Paris (Jay-Z & Kanye West)
Niggaz IN Paris (Rabid Remix)
(Jay-Z feat Kanye West, TI & Mysonne)

The original version of Niggaz In Paris, which appears on the Jay-Z & Kanye West album Watch The Throne, was a big hit in 2011 and peaked at number 5 on the US Billboard Hot 100. This remix of NIggaz In Paris retains the beat, but adds verses from both Atlanta rapper T.I. & New York underground rapper Mysonne. This is an ill remix and has some mild party breaks in it to give it some extra energy. So be sure to check it out and download it!!

I hope everyone enjoys this remix. Also, stay on the lookout for a few new mixes...

* Madonna - Ray Of Light (remix/blend) *
* Petey Pablo - Freak-A-Leek (XXX remix feat David Banner & Missy Elliott) *
* Pitbull vs Gotye (Calle Ocho vs Someone That I Used To Know) *

These are all coming soon!! Thanks for your support!!

E. 1999 Eternal
Bone Thugs -N- Harmony
First Of The Month (G6 Mix)
(Bone Thugs -N- Harmony)

One of the greatest hip hop groups to ever record, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, repping Cleveland, Ohio, step into this remix/blend and join forces with the Far East Movement to unleash an incredible sound!! The First Of The Month (from the album E 1999 Eternal... Bone Thugs-N-Harmony) meets up with the unprecedented original sound from the Far East Movement... Like A G6 (from the album Free Wired). The result of this fusion is an original sound that, not only is lyrically superior, but has a sound and tempo that also makes it easy to dance to!!

So be sure to sample and download First Of The Month (G6 Mix). More blends & remixes are on the way!! Thanks for your continued support of djdiamonddog.com (EST 2005)... now entering it's 8th year online!! Thanks for helping the mixes spread!!

Good Feeling vs. Die Young
Ke$ha vs. Flo-Rida
mix #1 | mix #2

The first mix (or shall I say mixes of the year are here!! This is a mashup from one idea, but spread into 2 versions. The first version features the vocals from Ke$ha's Die Young (from the album Warrior) over Flo-Rida's Good Feeling (from the album Wild Ones). Since the music is similar, the second version is the flip-flopped vesion of the 1st, featuring the vocals from Flo-Rida's Good Feeling over Ke$ha's Die Young. If you enjoy these mashups, you can download them both at the same time by clicking here.

Since both tracks were huge hits, the mashups sound very natural!! So don't sleep on these mixes... they will work well at any party, bar, school dance, club, etc. Thanks for your support, everyone. I'm hoping to get the new year started off on the right foot with these 2 mashups. There's much more to come soon!! Stay tuned!!


Happy New Year!!

The year 2012 brought out many new remixes, mixes, mashups & mixtapes from djdiamonddog.com, not to mention the world never ended like everyone thought it would. Anyway, here's a list of the uploads at djdiamonddog.com from the whole year. Every song is available for a quick click, sample and download!! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and may the new year bring you much happiness.

Quick Hitzzz 2012
Nicki Minaj
Quick Hitzzz 2012
(the year's hottest hip hop / pop music)

Once again, the end of another year is upon us. And as all DJ Diamond Dog followers know, that means the annual "end of the year" mixtape. This year is the 6th installment of the Quick Hitzzz series... Quick Hitzzz 2012. As in the past, this year's edition features some of the most successful artists through the year, both mainstream and indie. The biggest impact this year was probably made by Nicki Minaj with multiple hits from Pound the Alarm to Starships. Lil Wayne, as always, continues to be featured on many tracks, continuing his relevance in the industry. Flo-Rida, also, has continued to please with his urban Dance sound on songs like I Cry and Whistle. Ke$ha also made a late run in the year with her smash hit Die Young.

Quick Hitzzz 2012 will continue to please with a non stop mix of these and many other big tracks from the year. Downloads are all free at djdiamonddog.com, so be sure to sample Quick Hitzzz 2012 and download the ipod or cd version.

English artist Labrinth
Labrinth - Earthquake (Rabid Remix)
Earthquake (Rabid Remix)
Labrinth (feat. Tinie Tempah, Kia Shine & Sean White)

English singer & songwriter Labrinth goes hard with his 2012 hit Earthquake, from his debut album Electronic Earth. Well, the rabid remix goes even harder, taking the original song & beat & adding 2 underground artists to it... Kia Shine and Sean White. This remix retains the groundshaking original beat & melody as well as the original featured verse by Tinie Tempah. This elecronica sounding hip hop is the future, so expect to hear more & more beats with this futuristic sound to them.

You can sample the rabid remix of Earthquake and/or download it... all for FREE. So, please, share the music with all your friends and family. And feel free to get at me via Twitter or Facebook. Thanks for your support of me & my mixes here at djdiamonddog.com!!

Coming in just a couple of weeks... Quick Hitzzz 2012!! So stay tuned for the release date!!

Psy & Hyuna... Gangnam Style
Move It Gangnam Style (Psy vs Reel II Real)
Move It Gangnam Style
(Psy vs Reel II Real)

A new addition to the lineup.... Psy vs Reel II Real... Move It Gangnam Style. I uploaded my rendition of the Psy & MC Hammer performance at the AMA's a few days ago, but felt I needed to offer something more original since that one was influenced by another mix. So, I give you one of the highest energy mashups around!! With a fusion of this summer's biggest hit, Gangnam Style, and the club classic... I Like To Move It, this mashup can't go wrong!! If there's a crowd that wants to dance, then this hit will get them on the floor and keep them there!! The incredible beat from Gangnam Style powers this mashup with the high energy vocals from Reel II Real riding smooth on it.

Be sure to check out Move It Gangnam Style and download it!! It's free, so you've got nothing to lose because free is always good. And PLEASE be sure to share this mix and djdiamonddog.com with all your family & friends and help me keep free & good mixes alive!! Thanks for your support!!

Gangnam Style vs 2 Legit 2 Quit
Super K-pop Korean recording artist Psy
Gangnam Style vs 2 Legit 2 Quit
(Psy vs MC Hammer)

After watching the spectacular performance at the AMA's by Psy & MC Hammer, I had to get together a mashup of Gangnam Style & 2 Legit 2 Quit. That performance was so powerful, and the blend so seamless, it was necessary to get a full version out for everyone to enjoy. So here it is!! Psy vs MC Hammer... Gangnam Style vs 2 Legit 2 Quit... geared towards pumping up that dance floor at the bar, club, house party, or bedroom you may be hanging out at with your friends. Old meets new with this one! Two of the biggest hits from their respective eras... Gangnam Style (with over 700 million views on YouTube) and 2 Legit 2 Quit (from Hammer's 1991 album Too Legit To Quit).

So go ahead!! Sample this one!! Download it!! It's all free for you to enjoy! And please share with your friends so they can enjoy this mashup, too!! Thank for your support of me, my mixes & my website.

Break (A Tribute To The B-Boy Era)
Sample this mixtape ( flash | mobile)
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similar to: Breakdance (the megamix)
Planet Patrol
Break (A Tribute To The B-Boy Era)
(Diamond Dog)

Break Dancing!! Grafitti!! DJ'ing!! Rapping!! The B-Boy era... a time when these elements were a huge part of hip hop and electro was also a huge part of the hip hop mainstream. Break (A Tribute To The B-Boy Era) captures the essence of hip hop in it's youth. These songs are classics to everyone who has enjoyed hip hop since it's beginnings. Artists such as Afrika Bambaataa, Shannon, Freeez, Midnight Star and many more round out the cast of this mixtape... featuring classics such as Freak-A-Zoid, Clear, I.O.U., Renegades Of Funk and many more!! Break (A Tribute To The B-Boy Era) takes hip hop to it's roots, where so many of today's tracks still get their samples.

This is a must for anyone who still loves to kick back & listen to those old school hip hop/electro tracks. And, if you enjoyed the Breakdance megamix, you'll most certainly enjoy this mixtape!! Don't hesitate... be sure to sample and download this one!! It's all FREE!!

Break! (A Tribute To The B-Boy Era) mixtape
A freeze at the Roxy battle from the movie Beat Street
DJ Diamond Dog

If you remember the days of graffiti, break dancing and DJ'ing, then you remember the young years of hip hop!! These were the years of break dance battles on the corners & in the clubs, which was a way the youth eliminated violence and battled in a much more productive way. Originating in New York City, break dancing can still be seen today in various choreography and in street dancing.

Breakdance is a collection of some of the greatest break dancing music ever. At 7 minutes long, this mix will bring back memories to all of you who remember these great years. This megamix features several tracks from the forthcoming mixtape Break! (A Tribute To The B-Boy Era). You can also watch the video for this mix. It's a bit shorter, but features many of the great breakers from NYC in the early 80's.

Madonna - Music (original single)
Madonna Music (Rabid Remix)
Music (Rabid Remix)
(feat. Missy Elliott, Ludacris, Pitbull, Bone Thugs,
Sean Paul, Reel 2 Real & the Gorillaz)

Upbeat!! New Beat!! New Sound!! Music (the Rabid Remix) breaks all the rules and features some of the game's top artists ( Missy Elliott, Ludacris, the Gorillaz, Pitbull, Bone Thugs, Reel 2 Real & Sean Paul. The rabid remix turns Madonna's original track into somewhat of a club style & urban dance mixture with plenty of samples and breaks!! Be sure to sample and download this full single remix!! As always, the download is free and features 5 different versions... the single version, the extended version, instrumental, acapella & a semi-instrumental with hook!! You can also watch the rabid video of this Diamond Dog remix.

I Remember That (Club Traxx)
sample this mixtape ( flash | mobile)
download: I Remember That (Club Trax)
similar to: I Remember That (Hip Hop Edition)
2 Unlimited
I Remember That (Club Traxx)
DJ Diamond Dog

Remember those high energy club tracks that were so popular from the late 80's right into the early 2000's? These were the songs that everyone loved. From house music to breakbeats to eurodance... it's all here on I Remember That (Club Traxx)!! With 43 of the all time hottest dance tracks of all time, I Remember That (Club Traxx) will get your house party, bar, or get together ROCKIN'!! Featuring some timeless artists such as 2 Unlimited, Haddaway, the Prodigy & more, this one will appeal to everyone!!

Be sure to sample ( via flash player or on your mobile device) and download this classic!! And please tell all your friends to visit djdiamonddog.com to get mixes for all occasions!!

Oldies From The 60's Megamix
The Doors
Oldies Megamix
(from the 60's)

In an effort to bring some extreme oldies into the new millenium, I've put together an Oldies Megamix featuring some of the all time greats such as the Doors, the Beatles, the Who, Sly & the Family Stone and many more!! This megamix runs 5 minutes, but in that short time you'll hear classics such as Louie Louie, Break On Through, California Dreaming, My Generation and many more!!

Thanks for your support. I'm working on some dance oriented mixes that should be out soon!!

We Will Rock U (Rabid Fight Mix)
We Will Rock U (2012 Fight Mix)

Aimed at pumping up people for big games, fights, etc, We Will Rock U (2012 Fight Mix) takes one of the greatest fight songs of all time... We Will Rock You by Queen and spices it up with several samples from other songs and movies. This one is worth the time and you may find it to be a nice addition to your ipod when working out. It's certainly hardcore.

Thanks for the support & I hope you enjoy the latest additions at djdiamonddog.com!!

Vanilla Ice
Vanilla Ice vs. Sir Mix-A-Lot

Ice Ice Baby Got Back
(Vanilla Ice vs Sir Mix-A-Lot)

This may possibly be one of the most entertaining party mashups EVER!! Two of the biggest hits of all time, Baby Got Back , the huge international hit from Sir Mix-A-Lot meets Ice Ice Baby , another enormous hit of the 90's from the one hit wonder Vanilla Ice and simply goes bezerk!! This mashup fuses these two tracks together to entertain those party crowds that love these 2 old school classics. Ice Ice Baby Got Back may soon be one of the most downloaded & widely used tracks from djdiamonddog.com ever. Be sure to sample and download this sure fire "party starter"... it's all FREE.... as ALWAYS!!

50 Cent
Oasis vs. 50 Cent (Don't Look Back)

Don't Look Back
(Oasis vs. 50 Cent)

Although the title is Don't Look Back , this mashup certainly DOES look back at a pair of classics! From one of hip hop's all time greatest albums, Get Rich Or Die Tryin comes 50 Cent's hit 21 Questions. Now Fuse that with an all-time great from Oasis... Don't Look Back In Anger (from the album What's The Story.. Morning Glory) and you've got one helluva mashup!! Be sure to check out the FREE download . And if you enjoy this or any of my other mixes, please LIKE my page and share it with your friends.

Mystikal vs. Luke Bryan

Country Girl (Shake It Fast)
(Luke Bryan vs. Mystikal)

Country collides with hip hop in this full fledged shakin' mashup!! No matter what your musical preference, you'll be shakin to this musical fusion of Luke Bryan's Country Girl (Shake It For Me) and Mystikal's 2000 classic... Shake It Fast. This mashup is squeaky clean so it can be used for any occasion!

Check out the free download & be sure to get at me with any feedback via Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud or email me at hitmeup@djdiamonddog.com .

Tupac: An Immortal Legacy
Tupac Amaru Shakur

Tupac: An Immortal Legacy
(Tupac Shakur)

June 10, 2012 marks the release of one of the first Tupac mixtapes in some time. Inspired by a career of controversy as well as great music, Tupac: An Immortal Legacy brings out some of Tupac's best music from his career. The mixtape also combines some of Tupac's great vocals over other, more modern beats... making a sound that we, the fans, could have hoped to hear had his life not been cut fatally short. Riding beats from producers such as Sean Combs, Lil Jon, and Havoc, Tupac continues to provide the best lyrics in hip hop. Along with some added soundbytes, this mixtape is a must for anyone who has ever enjoyed his music. You can sample the entire mixtape ( via flash player or on your mobile device for free. You can also download the full mixtape for free, so check it out & be sure to share the link with your friends.

Tupac Amaru Shakur
Tupac Amaru Shakur

Thugz Get Lonely Too (b/w) Stan
(Tupac vs. Eminem)

One of the blends from my mixtape Tupac: An Immortal Legacy combines the vocals from Tupac's Thugs Get Lonely Too (from the 2004 album Loyal To The Game) with Eminem's 2000 track Stan (from the album The Marshall Mathers LP). And just like Stan, this blend features the beautiful vocals of Dido from her song Thank You, available on her 1999 debut album No Angel. This blend offers a more mellow feel to one of Tupac's post-death tracks.

Check out the free download & be sure to get at me with any feedback via Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud or email me at hitmeup@djdiamonddog.com . Thanks to everyone for your support!!

NWA (Niggaz With Attitudes)
I Remember That (Hip Hop Version)
I Remember That (hip hop edition)
(mixed by DJ Diamond Dog)

In memory of some of the great years of hip hop past, I bring you I Remember That (hip hop edition). This is a mix that is sure to bring back memories of the hip hop from the early 90's to the early 2000's. Featuring many great artists, such as Luniz, NWA, the DOC, Public Enemy & more. I Remember That (hip hop edition) is a simple, non stop mix of music designed to bring back some hip hop greats!!

I Remember That (hip hop edition) can be sampled via flash player or on your mobile device. This mix is cd & ipod friendly, so check it out & grab the free download!! And don't forget to put your friends on to djdiamonddog.com. Thanks for your support

Questions? Ideas? Feedback? Get at me... hitmeup@djdiamonddog.com

Wu-Tang Clan
Wu-Tang Clan logo
C.R.E.A.M. (Rabid Remix)
(Wu-Tang Clan feat. Tupac, DMX & Akon )

A true classic track from a true classic group... C.R.E.A.M. from one of hip hop's powerhouse groups, the Wu-Tang Clan, is not only a classic, but a pioneering sound from the 90's. In the era of G-Funk & the west coast "gangsta" sound, the Staten Island based Wu-Tang Clan brought a hard edge east coast sound to the scene that is still alive today!! From their debut album Enter the Wu-Tang (the 36 Chambers), C.R.E.A.M. was possibly the biggest hit off that album.

The Rabid Remix of this great song features hard edged verses from the late great Tupac Shakur & Yonkers own DMX. Along with Akon, this remix goes H.A.M. so be sure to check out the free download.

Thanks for your support of djdiamonddog.com!! I hope to continue to supply you with great mixes & mashups for many more years to come!!

Summer Heat 2012
DJ Drama

Summer Heat 2012
(The Hottest Hip Hop For The Summer)

The official release of Summer Heat 2012 is here! And it is complete with some of the hottest tracks for the summer. Summer Heat 2012 contains some of the hottest artists out right now, such as Nicki Minaj, Tyga, & T.I. as well as some great new artists such as Hopsin, Machine Gun Kelly, Cracc, & more!! As always, the full mixtape is packed with non-stop music & great samples, flowing straight from beginning to end and encoded at a high quality 192 kb/sec. This year's edition also comes with 2 versions... one designed to be burned to cd (with a length of 79 minutes) and one for use in an ipod or other mp3 player (with a length of 100 minutes & 9 bonus tracks). Feel free to sample the entire mixtape via flash player or on your mobile device and download either or both copies for your computer, ipod or cd player.

Thanks for your support of djdiamonddog.com!! I hope to continue to supply you with great mixes & mashups for many more years to come!!

DJ Unk
DJ Unk

Wiggle (Rabid Remix)
( Unk feat. Lil Jon & Fat Man Scoop )

Originally released in 2011, DJ Unk 's track Wiggle follows along the same recipe as the Atlanta artist's previous hits ( Walk It Out , 2 Step & Show Out ) with a hyped up sound & repetitive choruses aimed at getting some bootys shakin. My latest remix, the rabid remix of Wiggle uses that same recipe with a little help from 2 of hip hop's most popular "hype men"... NY's own Fat Man Scoop and fellow Atlanta icon Lil Jon . The 80's sample from
David Bowie 's Let's Dance (from the
1983 album Let's Dance ) completes this 2012 sample-heavy remix project!

~~ Hope everyone enjoys this new remix addition ~~

Heavy D

We Found Love (Now)
( Rihanna vs Heavy D )

Today, I offer a mashup of the (ever so popular) We Found Love by Rihanna (from her 2011 album... Talk That Talk ) fused with one of my favorites... Now That We Found Love by Heavy D & the Boyz (from the 1991 album ... Peaceful Journey . This mashup is primarily based on Rihanna 's portion, but has some nice additions and effects from the Heavy D track. Be sure to check it out!! It's a great alternative version for any parties or other gatherings.

Thanks for your support.

Marvin Gaye
Ne-Yo - Sexy Love (Valentine Mix)

Sexy Love (Valentine Remix)
( Ne-Yo feat. Marvin Gaye , Ja Rule & Jay-Z )

First and foremost, as a dedication to my beautiful wife, Heather, I offer this (our song) in remix form for Valentine's Day 2012. I know she loves this song and also likes Ja Rule , so I tried to combine them as best I could. Also, as a tribute to the great Marvin Gaye , who's influence allowed songs like Sexy Love to become so popular, I included several of his most memorable verses.

I Love You Heather!! I hope you like the remix. I'd sing it to you but, er... umm.. I can't sing.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!


Bojangles vs.
Summertime Summertime

( Pitbull vs. Nocera)

Here's a new mashup guaranteed to appeal to all of you freestyle music lovers as well as hip hop fans. This is a fusion of the classic freestyle jam... Summertime by Nocera with a couple of tracks ( Bojangles & Ay Chico ) from the great Cuban artist Pitbull .

This mashup has a great latin flava to it & should be enjoyable by people of many ages... from teens to 30's. Please listen & share if you enjoy it.

Thanks to everyone for your support of djdiamonddog.com.

Shannon Brenda Greene
Shannon Brenda Greene

Let The Music Play (28th Anniversary Hip Hop Mix)

Sometimes I start a mix or remix & then trash it because I'm not satisfied with it. However, I've learned over the years that just because I don't like it, doesn't mean many other people won't. That being said, I stuck this one out & decided to add it to the collection in hopes that someone may enjoy this alternate version.

This remix has the original vocals with some of the original melody as well. However, it has been dropped over a popular, slightly revised, hip hop beat from about 10 years ago. Check it out & be sure to download it if you enjoyed it!!

Thank you everyone, for your support. I'm hoping to bring you some great, memorable mixes for the "last year on earth" (haha)... 2012. So I'll try to get em all out before December 21st.