Juli & Lance Wedding Reception
(June 9, 2018   West Monroe, NY)

Kick-Off jam: It Wasn't Me by Shaggy

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Gettin' Down to the Uptown Funk

Play That Funky Music White Boy

All Ages Love When The Lights Come On

Favorite for the Ladies: Bodak Yellow

Azz Dogz Party
(June 2, 2018   Adams, NY)

Kicking it off with Free - All Right Now

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Everyone jamming to the Grease Megamix

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air Got Everyone Dancing

A little Michael Jackson, Billie Jean

Mustang Sally... Ride! Sally! Ride!

Copenhagen Prom 2018
(May 12, 2018   Lowville, NY)

Early evening mingling

Everyone starting to get into the groove

These young folks were ready to party

Getting in line for the Cha Cha Slide

There's a dance-off back there

Everyone loves the Cupid Shuffle

Dexter Fire Department Banquet
(April 21, 2018)

Cocktail Hour

Everyone singing along to Journey

Late night dance action

The die hards Jumpin' On It!

Young folks doing the Whip Nae Nae

The Cupid Shuffle

Skiff's Dance Club
(Summer 2017   Alexandria Bay, NY)

Bachelorette parties jamming to Heartbreaker

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Early evening rocking out to Calvin Harris

The ladies lovin' Body Like A Back Road

A very hype crowd Jumpin' Around!!

Another full house at Skiff's in A-Bay!

Meghan & Travis Wedding Reception
(August 26, 2017   Brownville, NY)

Everyone dancing after the formalities

The bride's father & bridesmaids dancing

The bride & her bridal party getting their groove on

The bridesmaids jamming

Meghan & Travis getting down

Even the little one was dancing

The bride's father jamming!!

Jessica & Robert Wedding Reception
(June 30, 2017   Port Leyden, NY)

Everyone Doing the Cupid Shuffle

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Slow Dancing For All the Couples

Everybody Cut Footloose!!

Some Went Low. Others went lower.

Even the Little Man got on the Dance Floor

Dexter Volunteer Fire Dept Award Banquet
(April 8, 2017   Dexter, NY)

A little early evening dancing

Dancing to Watch Me Whip/ Nae Nae

Drinking and dancing by the bar

A little drinking. A little dancing

Some of the fellas taking a pose

Booty bumping at the bar

Sweet 16
(April 1, 2017   Rutland, NY)

Set up and ready to rock!!

Some of the parents and younger folks

Everybody getting on the dance floor

Half Dancing. Half chatting.

Everybody joining the Cupid Shuffle

Hit of the night.. JuJu On The Beat!

Time Warp Tavern
(November 12, 2016   Watertown, NY)

Some of the older folks dancing to the Weeknd

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Ian enjoying himself with a refreshing beverage

Everyone getting down to the Commodores

All the ladies grooving to Warrant's Cherry Pie

Fan favorite of the evening... Don't Stop Believing

Wedding Reception
(October 1, 2016   Watertown, NY)

The Bride & Friends Getting on the Dance Floor

The Bride and Her Family dancing to Como La Flor

Children and adults all having fun

Everyone dancing to This Is What You Came For

The Groom taking a break

Slow Dancing at the end of the evening

Allie & Russel Wedding Reception
(September 30, 2016   Port Leyden, NY)

A Beautiful Wedding Ceremony

Two Stepping to Leon Russell

Getting Down To Wild Cherry

Everybody on the floor to Uptown Funk

Conga Line To Play That Funky Music

This Is How We Do It!!

Brandon & Jadah Wedding Reception
(July 16, 2016   Watertown, NY)

Dance Party Kickoff... We Are Family

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Dancing To LMFAO's Sexy & I Know It

Everybody doing the Locomotion

Everyone loves the Grease Megamix

The Grand Finale... Donna Summer's Last Dance

Lowville Academy Senior Prom
(June 4, 2016   Turin, NY)

Early Evening Mingling

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Dancing to the Cotton Eye Joe

One Of The Evening's Favorites... Panda

Everyone Doing the Cupid Shuffle

Everyone Singing What Makes You Beautiful

Patrick & Elizabeth Wedding Reception
(May 28, 2016   the Commons Ft. Drum, NY)

Folks at the table enjoying Sweet Caroline

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Dancing the Twist!

80's hit... Oh Mickey

One of the many classics... Hound Dog

A great time! We Are Family!

Wedding Reception
(April 23, 2016   Henderson, NY)

The First Dance

Early Dancing Festivities

Dancing To Polkas

Everyone Dancing After The Sun Goes Down

Dancing the Chicken Dance

Everyone Joining in on the 1st Dance

Gary's & Lance's Birthday Party
(March 26, 2016   Watertown, NY)

Dancing to the Cotton Eye Joe

Some of the girls mingling early

The ladies loved Shania Twain

Country Music was the main genre today

Pour Some Sugar On Me

The Whole Family Dancing to We Are Family

Bill & Ashley Reception
(January 16, 2016   Adams, NY)

Dancing to Michael Jackson - Billie Jean

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Everybody cuttin' Footloose

All ages doing the Macarena

YMCA! One of the day's favorites

More Michael... The Way You Make Me Feel

Costume Party
November 7, 2015

Getting the party started with the Cha Cha Slide

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Winner of the best costume... Beetlejuice

As it got later, everyone kept dancing!!

Magic Mike with a baby on his back

Baby Got Back.. a hit at almost every event

Lowville Academy Homecoming
(October 10, 2015)

Early Evening Mingling

Lights Out! Ready To Party!

Turn Down For What?!

It's Goin' Down For Real

The whole gym doing the Cha Cha Slide

Making A Conga Line to Uptown Funk

Blane & Heather's Wedding Reception
(July 11, 2015   Henderson, NY)

Getting it started with some dance tunes

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The Bride & Groom's First Dance

Everyone jamming To Eazy-E

The Cake Cutting was Nice & Clean

Everyone Dancing Til The Sun Goes Down

Lowville Academy Prom
(June 6, 2015)

Getting Started with the setup phase

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Everybody Mingling Early in the Evening

Dancing To The Cha Cha Slide

Crowd Favorite: Beyonce - Single Ladies!!

Final slow song of a great night

Azz Dogz Motorcycle Club Benefit
(March 21, 2015  Adams, NY)

Selling the raffle tickets

Raffling off some of the items

People dancing to Hot Blooded

Everyone around the bar

People talking during the raffle

Everyone enjoying the music

Lowville Academy Christmas Ball
(December 13, 2014  Lowville, NY)

everyone really Enjoyed Iggy Azalea's Black Widow

I'm Sexy And I Know It!!

As requested.. the Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe

The only lights in the entire gym were the DJ lights

Full dance floor for Jeremih's Don't Tell Em

A little dance-off to the side!!

Lowville Academy Homecoming
(September 27, 2014  Lowville, NY)

The light show test

The DJ setup in a very dark gym

One of the fan favorites: Cotton Eye Joe

Everyone enjoying the music

Over 100 people doing the Cupid Shuffle in sync

A very good sized turnout!!

Howard Wedding
(September 20, 2014  Watertown, NY)

Everyone having a great time

The Cupid Shuffle

In line for the dollar dance

The ladies on the floor dancing

Everyone dancing to Celebration

Much fun was had by all!!

Clayton Cottage Backyard Party
(August 17, 2014   Clayton, NY)

The DJ Setup

The DJ Setup View From The Dock

The Backyard set up for the party

People Eating Down In The Yard

River View From The DJ Setup

Kids Playing In The Yard

July 26th Wedding Reception
(July 26, 2014   Belleville, NY)

Dancing To Play That Funky Music

The Bride & Groom

Doing The Harlem Shake

A True Classic Rock Reception

You Shook Me All Night Long

The Bride & Groom Dancing

July 4th Wedding Reception
(July 04, 2014   Kring Point State Park, NY)

The setup for the afternoon wedding reception

Best view a DJ could ever ask for

The bride & groom's first dance

The father/daughter dance

The groom's father having a great time

The bride enjoying herself

Everyone dancing to the Cupid Shuffle

Even the younger generation was on the dance floor

Everyone had a great time!!

Wedding Reception
(June 21, 2014   Calcium, NY)

Chip setting up for the day

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Everyone Dancing!!

The Locomotion was a hit

Everyone still dancing after 6 hours!!

Partying into the night!!

(June 07, 2014   Lowville, NY)

Our DJ setup At the Lowville Senior prom

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Early arrival of the couples

Dancing to Cotton Eye Joe

BIG HIT: Wobble

Everyone dancing to WOBBLE

BIGGER HIT: the Harlem Shake!!

To the Left; To the Left!!

Slow dancing to Lonestar's Amazed

(March 29, 2014   Watertown, NY)

Joe setting up for the wedding

Chip giving the equipment a test run

A little line dancing to the Cha Cha Slide

Chip doing his thang during the wedding

Everyone having a great time

A little more line dancing to Wobble

Mick's Place
(Thursdays & Saturdays   Watertown, NY)
Hands Up!! Tory Lanez
Hands Up!! Tory Lanez

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Full House! Packed Floor!

Filling up on a Saturday Night

Packed house, rockin' to Biggie

Saturday Night! Down On Me!!