Creative Sounds Entertainment was founded in 2017 by Joe. But don't let the recent EST fool you. Joe has been a DJ for well over 40 years. He started his journey in the 80's as a teen who did house parties in Miami, FL. He moved up to the local roller skating rink before 18 and ultimately started doing clubs as well as mobile events.

Joe was displaced in 1992 by Hurricane Andrew and eventually relocated to Watertown, NY. In Watertown, Joe worked at a wide range of places ranging from the roller skating rink to several bars around town. It was in 2017 that he officially started his mobile DJ service, Creative Sounds Entertainment.
Second in command to Joe at Creative Sounds Entertainment is his daughter, Caylee. Spinning her first 'official' event in 2021 (the Lyme Homecoming dance) at the age of only 11, Caylee proved that she has the knack to read a crowd. In her first opportunity, she not only kept the kids dancing, but was interactive on the microphone as well.

Probably one of Caylee's strongest traits is really knowing the music that teens like. Being a teen, herself, makes her well suited for this line of work, especially when it comes to the younger generation. Time and time again, you can find Caylee playing crowd favorites even before they are requested.
Here at Creative Sounds Entertainment, we work tirelessly to make your event stand out. If you're having a wedding, we want it to be the best wedding in the area. If it's a school dance, we want the kids to be talking about it at their 50th class reunion. It's safe to say that we go above and beyond, not only with our presentation, but with our preparation.

We arrive fully prepared to execute the vision you have. And by working closely with our clients before each event, we can have everything ready to go. Since preparation often goes unnoticed, most folks don't realize that the prep work makes up a good 70% of a great show. We do that leg work in the background to ensure things run wonderfully.
After doing all that prep work, it's time for the performance. If it's dinner time, we play downtempo music from a variety of eras and genres that coincinde with your guests' ages and preferences. We keep the vibe light and the music just loud enough to be heard... background music. This creates a nice aura and the guests can enjoy the music while still being able to have conversations without shouting.

Once it's party time, we raise the energy and put the party into high gear. We take pride in the fact that we mix the music which creates a seamless flow to get everyone on the floor and keep them there. We want the party to be one you'll be talking about for years to come. You can also find us hyping up your crowd occasionally with the microphones as well. Tastefully. Not cheesy. And definitely not overdone.
At Creative Sounds Entertainment, we're one of a kind. As stated, we do intense preparation before every event. And we perform skillfully and technically to get a great response. And we read your crowd to keep the music in line with what the people are reacting to. It's easy to go from Jessie's Girl to the Cupid Shuffle without losing a beat. And that's what makes us stand out.

We also have plenty of resources to help you with whatever you're planning. We have a wedding planner to help you with your wedding specifics. We have a list of local venues that may help you decide on a location for your event. We also do audio editing that can help you with a unique sound experience at your event (wedding entrance, etc). We also do video editing that can create a great memory of your event complete with highlights and music.


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