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Creative Sounds For All Your Events Needs

Creative Sounds Entertainment is experienced in a wide variety of different events. We've worked with everything including weddings, school dances, fundraisers, awards banquets, non profits, clubs, bars and much more!


It's your big day!! First of all, we'd like to say congratulations on your engagement. Now, it's time to prepare your once in a lifetime reception. Creative Sounds is committed to preparing and executing your wedding day exactly as you've envisioned it. We are here for you every step of the way, from the very beginning of your itinerary planning right down to the last dance. We will do everything it takes to make your reception a hit and different from the other average weddings.

We are well spoken and will make every formality enjoyable. We don't talk too much and we avoid trying to be comedians. The day is yours, so the focus should be on you. When it's time to dance, we will work our way through the eras, seamlessly mixing different genres together for an experience like no other. We want to have both grandma AND little brother Timmy on the floor having fun and making memories. If you'd like to hear some samples of how we play music at weddings, there are some samples on our MUSIC page. Just click the links and listen to the music. If you prefer to see what we can bring to your wedding, you can browse our gallery of images and videos on our GALLERY page.

And if you don't have a wedding coordinator, no worries. All the work we've put in with you over the months leading up to your wedding day will only guarantee that we will keep you close to your schedule. In fact, we have our own wedding planning sheets that not only help us to prepare for your wedding, but also to help you with ideas that you may not have thought of. Whether you book with us or not, feel free to use our wedding planning sheets. You can see and download them on the RESOURCES page.

If this sounds like what you're looking for, reach out to us to check your date. You can contact us on a variety of platforms via our CONTACT page or at the bottom of this web page.

"My husband and I are so happy we choose Joe with Creative Sounds Entertainment to Dj our wedding. Joe was very precise and made planning a breeze. He listened and checked up on us to ensure he did everything we envisioned. Joe was accommodating to last minute changes we made day of the wedding without complaints! We would recommend Creative Sounds Entertainment to all of our friends and family! Thank the amazing work you did on our big day!!!!"
- Kyrstie


At Creative Sounds Entertainment, we work hard to stay updated with all of the recent and trending music. This transitions into making the most memorable and lively school dances with benefits everyone. Young people can be hard to DJ for, but we follow the online trends and make sure we are updated with what's popular. We want your school dance, prom, homecoming, winter formal or any other school function to be energetic so we mix the songs together and take every request that we possibly can. And rest assured, all of the versions we play are clean and edited versions. We've also played music for all school ages, from elementary PJ dances, through middle school dances and all the major high school dances (proms, homecomings, etc).

We have worked with several schools in the Thousand Island region along with a few schools as far south as Syracuse. We've had nothing but positive feedback from the students everywhere we've been. We bring the good music available locally (without any need for wifi) so there's no relying on the internet to keep the party going. And with our competitive school pricing, there's really no other choice.

There's a sample of how we spin at our school dances on our MUSIC page under the Homecoming/Prom Sample link. This audio will supply you with a good idea of how we go about DJ'ing school dances. If you'd like to see how the students respond to us at these dances, browse our gallery of images and videos on our GALLERY page.

If you're interested in having us for your next school dance, feel free to reach out to us and check our availability on your date. You can contact us on a variety of platforms via our CONTACT page or at the bottom of this web page.

"I’m the PTO president of a local elementary school and we found ourselves in need of a DJ with very little notice. I contacted Creative Sounds Entertainment and am so glad I did! Joe said he had never done an elementary school “dance” before, and we never would have known. He kept the kids entertained the entire evening, played fun and appropriate music, and got everyone involved and having fun. He gave us a great deal, which really helped make our event a success. Thanks again!!"
- Jackie


It takes a certain type of DJ to thrive at any nightlife venue, whether it's a club or a bar. Creative Sounds Entertainment brings what it takes to keep the house rockin' at the local bar or club. We have hundreds of remixes that are designed for dance clubs that you can't hear on Spotify or YouTube. We also put together our own remixes and mashups especially for these types of events, making the experience all the more unique. On top of the music we bring, the way we play it is essential for maintaining high energy throughout the night. We will mix, blend and even throw in a little scratching here and there. If you'd like to check out some of our samples, there's a couple of night club samples, a bar/pub sample and a live sample (2023 at the Hoover Inn) all located on the MUSIC page. Just tap the titles and sample the mixes. There's also images and videos of us spinning out at several bars in the region available on our GALLERY page.

Combined with the music we bring and the way we play it, we are also experienced with the 'inner workings' of the bars and clubs. We understand that it's not only necessary to pack the dance floor and keep people coming in the door, but to rotate the floor and keep the bar busy. After all, if the bar/club doesn't make any money, then no one has anywhere to go. We also understand how to work with the energy in the room. If things are tense, or the bouncers are busy, we'll tone the energy back a notch and try to get people to relax a little bit. It's no secret that music has that type of effect on people, especially when there's alcohol involved.

If you're a bar owner or promoter and feel like Creative Sounds may be a good fit for your business, you can contact us for booking on our CONTACT page or at the bottom of this page.

"One of the best if not the best Dj's in the Watertown, NY area hands down. Awesome Dj backed by a Great Price, Extremely Professional very knowledgeable in all genres of music whether it be weddings, birthday party's corporate events they got you covered. Contact Creative Sounds Entertainment for you entertainment Dj needs"
- Levon


Are you having a birthday party? A graduation party? A sweet 16 or quinceanera? Maybe a back yard party or retirement party? Whatever the event may be, if you want sound and someone to handle all of the music and entertainment, look no further than Creative Sounds Entertainment. You let us know what you want in terms of music (genres, artists, songs, etc) and vibe, and we'll put together a show for you. We'll keep the music pumping for you and your guests. We'll use your list along with guest requests and crowd reactions and take your party wherever you and your guests are leading it. You may start out with classic rock and find your whole party dancing to 90's hip hop a couple of hours later. We read the crowd and make those adjustments accordingly, so everyone has fun. Be sure to check out our GALLERY page for some images and videos of different events we have done.

If you're doing dinner before the party, no worries. We keep the vibe nice and mellow during dinner time, playing music with great vibes, but not necessarily the music that makes you wanna jump out of your seat and make a mad dash to the dance floor. As dinner gets closer to the end and the party is getting ready to start, we'll gradually pick up the energy to get everyone ready for a good time.

If you're having any type of social or private event, feel free to reach out to us for a quote and availability. You can message us on a variety of platforms, all located either at the bottom of this page or on our CONTACTS page.

"Joe has been my DJ for many services! He has never disappointed me. He has been there for Summer Parties, Weddings and Sweet 16s. Always a good time and plenty of entertainment. Pricing is always fair and reasonable. We appreciate the time and effort him and his wife does for us!"
- Christina


At Creative Sounds Entertainment, we are fully capable of taking on your next corporate event. Whether it's an awards ceremony, a holiday party, a fundraiser or any other type of corporate event, we come prepared with equipment that not only sounds good, but has a great appearance as well. We'll keep the vibe mellow and the music in the background for your dinner and cocktail times, playing music from a variety of eras and genres that will appeal to everyone in attendance. When it's time to open the dance floor, we'll crank it up and get the party started. Since we always play to the crowd, we will make adjustments throughout the night according to what the guests are enjoying. Our motto is every event is different and should be treated that way. Be sure to check out our GALLERY page for some images and videos of different events we have done and the reactions from the guests.

We also will coordinate with you leading up to the event. We like to ensure that we fully know what to expect in terms of itinerary, age range and music tastes. We also come prepared with 2 wireless microphones that can be used for announcements, speeches or award presentations. We are happy to make any announcements throughout the night without 'chattering' or being cheesy on the mic unnecessarily. When it's time for the personalized touch, we will hand off the microphones to you and your team to make your presentations, speeches, etc.

If Creative Sounds Entertainment sounds like a good fit for your company's next corporate event, please contact us about pricing and availability. We are accessible through various platforms available on our CONTACT page as well as at the bottom of this page.

"We had Creative Sounds help us with a banquet style event last weekend, and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. The music was well selected and calm during the dinner portion of the event, he had microphones we could use for some announcements/award presentations, his equipment was well kept, he was engaging with the group after dinner when things were loosening up a bit. Joe is very aware of the “vibe” in the room and does an excellent job adapting to what the crowd is looking for in the moment. Excellent service, will absolutely be booking future events with Creative Sounds!"
- Rick


It takes a knowledgable DJ to create the vibe you're looking for. At Creative Sounds Entertainment, we listen to your expectations and create just the right vibe for what you need. Why do we do this? Because we want the same thing... for you and your guests to have a fun, engaging and memorable time, no matter what type of event it is.


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